Lake Shoe sizing equivalency?

Anyone have experience with Lake shoes and can compare their fit/sizing to other brands?

Currently have Giro and Fizik shoes, interested in the Lake MX 238. Have tried on Specialized and Shimano shoes so know my sizing in them as well.

They have a sizing chart but find it recommends as well as the company a shoe that seems too large (they say a 41, which is equivalent to a 8.5 US, problem is I wear a 7 to 7.5 US shoe). When I mentioned I do have issues with heel slip due to a narrow heel, if shoes are too roomy, they suggested the MX241 which I found another thread on here mentioned in a thread with someone complaining about heel slip with his head molded CX241s…

Just would like to get an idea of sizing equivalency from Lake to other brands, from charts I have seen, I would be appropriate to wear a Sidi 41 as their 41 is equivalent to most brand’s 40 or Shimano’s 40.5 but am uncertain if Lake shoes are like that.

Shoes are expensive to mail back if the size doesn’t work.

  • I have the MX238 Wide in 47.
  • I also have first gen Giro Factor road shoes in 47 (I’ve had newer lower level Giro’s that were smaller/tighter than these ones, so I don’t know if current Giro sizing has changed or what).
  • And Specialized early (1st gen) s-works road shoes in 47. (I cannot fit newer s-works shoes without going up a size or two, and then they’re just crazy long).

I would say the Lake’s are a little (insoles shoe perhaps 3mm) wider in the toe box.

If Lake, or Specialized or Giro did a 47.5, then I’d have gone for that in each brand. As it stands, all three 47’s are a little tight in the length on my right foot and perfect on the left.

older s-works

This might help

Super bizarre. I have two pairs of Lakes (mx238, mx219) and both are a 47 WIDE with the length being a little tight on the right foot and perfect on the left. Are we feet doppelgangers??

I’ve never experienced heel sleep in the mx238, but slightly in the mx219…but that’s mostly on dirt sections where it kicks up to 20%+…those times are few and far between though and I never even give it much of a thought. I mostly ride Lake because I’ve found them to be the shoes for wide (in the wide variant).

This is what I was looking for, it seemed strange to size up a full size from other brands. My sizing in Fizik/Giro/Specialized all seems about equivalent. Guessing this is the size I will want with Lake as well.

Buy them in a shop, if you aren’t willing to pay for return shipping.
Nothing is worse than shoes that are the wrong size.


No local Lake shops.

A local shop has Shimano but can’t get a 40.5, a local shop has my size in Specialized but the Recon 3 is sold out in Canada and the S Works won’t work for me.

I totally feel your pain on this one. Brick and mortar shops never seem to have all the sizes and widths. I ordered and returned some shimano wide gravel shoes (as to get my width I’d have had to go up to a way longer shoe that would be silly).

I wear regular width Asics running shoes, so the fact that my right foot needs double wide Lake or Shimano, is just so crazy to me. Since specialized went wider in the latest s-works wide (from what magazines say), I need to try them on next.

My Lake’s are as good as any shoes I’ve had for fit. So frustrating that the left fits like a glove for most shoes, and the right is just tight in width and a little in length.

I have those in the wide. Same size as my Fizik’s (only wider).

Over the past couple years I have bought new Lakes for mtb and road. For me, the sizes they list on their sizing chart weren’t right, but the measurements they have you take to get the right size (length and width of foot) were spot on. Their size chart was off by a full US size for me.

I have a sort of medium-wide foot and went from some old Sidi wides to medium Lakes in their Mountain Sport last (M177) and competition last for road (cx218).

I’m going to recommend trying them on or making sure you have the ability to return them. I ordered a pair of CX403 in 43.5 W from their closeout shop (non-returnable). I attempted to heat mold them many times but still painful to stand in and not inspiring to put on my feet to ride in. The heels are very narrow and I just couldn’t get them opened up enough for comfort. After two inside rides and one outside ride, I bailed on them and purchased another brand. I’m not implying anything bad about Lake but cycling shoe sizing seems quite different between manufacturers and even between a manufacturer’s models.

For sizing comparisons, I was measured by a fitter to be 43.5 W in Lake. In the past ten years, I’ve been through 2 pairs of Gaerne G-Stilo in size 43; 2 pairs of Sidi 5 in 44 Mega (road and offroad); and my current shoe, S-Works Torch in 43.5 (not wide).

IMG_3027 Small

I obsessively measured my feet using Lake’s (very detailed) size guide and ordered two pairs: my nominal size, and one half-size up.

I still ended up with shoes that were about half a size too small (they only fit when I use thin cycling socks), though this is partially because of my custom insoles.

Either order two to three sizes, or don’t buy online.

I learned that lesson ordering bibs direct from Assos… Don’t trust sizing charts.

I wear a size 38, so not similar, but I’ve worn some of the shoes you’re mentioning, so here’s my experience.

My foot runs slightly wide, not massively so.
Lake 238 (38) fits my forefoot width perfectly. Not great heel lock, but I don’t have narrow heels, and do not notice this at all when riding.
Specialized S-Works Torch Wide (38) fits almost the same as the Lake 238 regular width. I measured with calipers, and it seems about 2 mm narrower, but it feels the same. Much better heel retention, but again, this isn’t something I care about personally.

A lot of people go to Lake for wide shoes, not realizing that some of their shoes (200 series) run wider than other brands wide shoes, and some of their wide models (400 series) run narrower than other standard models (200 series).

My suggestion would be take your normal size as a starting point, and use Lake’s last chart to determine you are getting the correct model for your foot shape. Use a company that offers free shipping on exchanges (Competitive Cyclist will do this if you chat in).

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i had a set of dual-Boa MTB Lakes (sorry don’t remember the model but 2 years ago new). And they fitted narrow and small to the equivalent Giro which was where i came from. So much so i had to get rid of them. They were stiff and light but just too tight. I thought they’d break in like Sidi’s do and conform but never did .

Lake is located in Evanston, IL if that’s anywhere near you

I’m in Canada, so Lake Cycling Canada doesn’t cover the cost for return shipping. I think mailing things is generally cheaper in the US but I would expect I would pay >$30 to ship the shoes back.

I have a Lake gravel/MTB shoe and a Garneau road shoe. Both in 42 euro size. The fit is very similar on both. The Lake shoes perhaps give a little more toe room, but that might be a MTB thing.

Can’t go wrong if you do the measurement exercise. I have never checked the measurement ize agaunst the sizing list, just trusted what I easured from my feet on the paper. Have two pairs Lakes. Fits perfectly.

Maybe I can help you a little bit.
I own a Fizik Aria R3 in 46 and a Lake cx238 in 46.5 regular. I looked up several sources, including the one from the Rapha homepage where they compare different brands - [Size Comparison Guide | Rapha | Rapha] and measured my foot (296mm).

The Fizik fits me perfectly with no heel slip and a little bit of wiggle room in the toe box (I like a snug fit rather then a wide one). The Lake on the other hand is a little bit too big and my heel slips annoyingly with a too wide toe box even if my measurements were above the regular size. Also the lacing of the 238 is uncomfortable compared to the Fizik.

This was my experience too – the Lake size guide put me in shoes that fit perfectly.

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