Cycling shoes that fit similar to Specialized

I currently have a pair of specialized road shoes that are a little long in the tooth and need to be replaced soon-ish. I have only ever worn specialized road shoes but might want to try something else this time around, and with the equipment shortages out there I need to keep my options open. What are some other brands that a similar fit to specialized shoes. I have heard good things about Lake and Shimano shoes but have no idea how they fit, and no one local has anything in stock in my size so it looks like I will be purchasing online.

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I switched from a well used and well liked pair of Spec BG Pro Carbons to Lake CX332s last year. My Specialized shoes had Sole heat molded insoles and I am using Superfeet Carbons in the Lakes. I have been really happy with the Lakes but, especially with shoes, your mileage may vary…


I found a really good fitter at a shop about 45 minutes away and ended up getting a pair of Specialized Torch 3.0 shoes with some Specialized blue foot beds. And while my foot measures a 43.5 she actually put me into a 44.5 due to the shape of my foot. The new shoes feel great and I’m glad I didn’t try doing this online.

I used to commute in Specialized shoes which were my best shoes beforehand they were 43s Mand were a comfortable fit. My current sidis are 43.5 and could probably do with being 44s and my Louis Garneu shoes for the power meter pedals are 44s and fit perfect. To me the Specialized shoes seemed generous and you probably want to up a size in other brands.