Laka Insurance (UK)

Does anyone on here insure their bikes with Laka?

Seems like a good idea, I also like the fact you can easily pause during winter months when I’mainly on my trainer. My biggest fear is crashing and wrecking my bike.

They also do refer a friend and we’ll both get £25 if anyone fancies doing this?


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Yes, I do. I have a referral code to share if you would like?

Yep, I have used Laka for over a year for multiple bikes - expect I will be beat to offering you a referral code but if not, feel free to message me :slight_smile:


Hi, yeah that would be great. Thanks :+1:

Clicking the link above should work.

It will take you to a page that reads “Join Matthew…”

Let me know if it doesn’t!

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I just insured with them the other day. It seems pretty reasonable for all that they cover, I’ve went with them mostly for the race damage cover. I just hope the price stays close to what they quote and not at the higher end every month.


Mine has averaged £15-20 less than my max monthly payment each month for the last year or so.


Good to know. Thanks

Curious about the size of the Monthly premium that folk are actually paying in UK?
Wasn’t there a requirement to ensure bike is locked with a Gold standard bike lock too?
£x.xx for £ '000 worth of cover ?

Yes that’s a requirement. If you leave your bike unattended it must be locked to something with a good standard lock.

Similar experience to the above, mine generally comes in a decent amount less than the max each month and they’ve always been great as a company. They send the graph below to show this.

It’s also great to pause and the ability to add/remove bikes as and when you need to. I.e. you can see I added my TT bike over summer and then removed once it was on the turbo for winter.

Also worth adding Lake club for an extra £1 a month so you are covered for third party claims. I remember reading the story of the guy who got stung with £500k of legal fees from someone claiming against him.

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I’ve only been with them for a few months, however, as mentioned above I’ve never been close to paying the maximum I possibly could.

Last month I paid ~£25.00 for £3,000.00 worth of bike and then £1,000.00 worth of accessories.

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Hi. I reckon this looks pretty good; and have signed up. I will update this thread on how it works out.

I have a referral code if anyone else wants to join & get £25 off: Get £25 Laka Bicycle Insurance Credit | Join the pack

20 pounds a month seems a laughably high amount for a few K of bikes considering the total cost of my house & contents insurance is in the region of 100 for the year. And it’s frequently possible to add on bike cover outside the home for a small fee too, an order of magnitude less than Laka.

I’d hope that their new-for-old policy, accidental damage policy and potentially the speed of payouts would be better than a regular insurance company, but you’re certainly paying a premium for it.


Most (UK) household insurance policies that include bikes don’t cover racing in any form. I had our bikes on ours and it was specifically excluded despite the rest of the policy being pretty good. I had to reduce the number of bikes listed (we’ve ten) as the newer policies aren’t quite as generous plus the single item value had risen from £1500 to £2500 so a few of them didn’t need to be there anyway.

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I took it out as I was interested in cover that includes races.

I’ve got Laka cover for all my bikes - a Boardman 9.8 sls disc, a Brompton sl6, a Cervelo s5 and a Cervelo aspero. With all of those insured it is a hell of a lot of money every month, but I think it is 100% worth it. I had to claim a couple of months ago after a crash on my Boardman - bike slid out from underneath me on some oil, trashed the bars, shifters, saddle, smashed my helmet and ripped my clothes. Laka settled everything really quickly - I notified them of the crash, took the bike to my LBS who provided an insurance quote, Laka had a quick call with the bike shop, then they paid all within a week. They make claiming easy and stress free


This aspect is worth its weight in gold.

Anyone who’s had a ‘bad’ experience when dealing with any sort of insurance claim will testify how stressful, upsetting and downright frustrating that can be.

Service quality is an aspect of this type of product that is often overlooked when comparing ‘cost’ but when the worst happens it comes to the fore pretty quickly!

Good to hear the feedback on this personal experience :+1:t2:

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