Insurance and Cycling Accidents

I am an avid cyclist and a personal injury attorney in Utah. A large part of my practice specializes in car v. cyclist accidents.

Most cyclists do not realize that they need very good car insurance. That if they get hit by a car their own car insurance could come in and provide coverage (lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering) for them.

So all you cyclists out there, call your car insurance agents today and tell them that you want at least $250,000 in Liability, Underinsured (UIM) an Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage! You’ll be surprised that it will probably only cost you an extra $10 a month to get this large amount of insurance.

Ken Christensen


There was a recent podcast with Phil Gaimon that was…well…very eye opening. Essentially, since 85% of motorists opt for the minimum coverage, if one of them hits you, you get the minimum help. It’s a surprisingly interesting discussion.