Anyone use Strava (Sundays) insurance?

I received an email from Strava saying that a Strava subscription includes insurance from Sundays for: damage to a device up to $600, taxi reimbursement for crash or mechanical for up to $50, missed (running) race coverage up to $100. Anyone sign up for this? Any experiences with claims?

I’m with them at the moment (full bike insurance policy) and claimed after crashing my new bike racing this year. They were great getting everything sorted, no questions asked. Could have paid for my frame to be repaired but they paid out for a brand new frame for me. Would defiantly recommend and miles cheaper then any other company I could find.

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They paid for this just because you subscribe to Strava??

No, full bike insurance is extra. I did an online quote and for $9k coverage it quoted $46/month for full insurance.

Does that include theft coverage or just damage?

It’s a big upfront cost if you trash your bike or Garmin or whatever but are people really breaking those things often enough to need insurance?

Ive been racing since I was a junior, 20+ years, and have only broken a few things of any real cost in that time. A couple of derailleurs and a wheel.

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You can get a quick online quote:

I filled out the form and got a call within 10 minutes.

@DingleTower I had a bike stolen in 1995, thats it. Was curious on cost.


My home insurance covers a stolen bike even if it isn’t stolen at home.

Unless I crashed a number of times a season I just can’t see how this would be worth it.

Fine to have it through Strava though. That’s at least something Strava provides. :laughing:


same, but ours has a high deductible. Thats why I was curious. No longer curious!

Strava perk is good for Sundays lead generation, and I guess if something happens to my bike computer. But I just read the Ts&Cs and couldn’t parse this first bullet:

But I’m bug-eyed from writing contracts and reviewing NDA. My brain is mush right now.

Maybe its just me, but my bike computer is never (rarely?) “logged into Strava’s platform” because its a Garmin. For routes I thought Strava pushed to Garmin Connect, and Garmin pushed to the bike computer. And rides are pushed bike computer to Garmin Connect, which then pushes to Strava/TP/etc. AFAIK the bike computer has never “logged into Strava’s platform”


oh, and a single $600 claim with $85 deductible. Nice Strava perk if I ever need it. And Taxi fare if blah blah blah. And running race entry fee (running?). But not if the damage was caused by radioactive contamination. Or war. Or any loss directly or indirectly related to communicable diseases, or the fear/threat (actual or perceived) of communicable disease. :ok_hand:

Always love reading Ts & Cs.


Does that include the ‘War on The Motorist’?

I’m sorry, but if I HAVE to put in my e-mail address and phone number, it is NOT a quick quote. I want to enter the year and cost of my bike (perhaps the brand and model name), state I live in, and get a quote right there on the page. They do not need any further information from me to give me the quote, nor do I need to talk to anyone.

I hate companies that do this, and I avoid giving them my business.

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