Best bike and home insurance uk

I was insured by Pedalcover, but apparently my postcode is in a subsidence risk area and they won’t cover me this year.

Anyone in the UK in a similar position and who did you get bike and home insurance with?

I’ve had cover with laka for the past couple of months. I’ve been very happy with them so far.


i have bike specific through laka as well with my home and contents seperate

never had to claim so can’t comment on that but i feel the price is reasonable

my insurance broker at the time of taking out my home insurance policy did advise that keeping the two seperate would be best when considering the value of the bikes, which was my intention anyway

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I’m just looking into Laka. It does seem reasonable.

You get £25 credit if you sign up via a friend…

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Would be great if someone could send me over a referral code! :smiley:

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Just PM’d you one.

I was with bikmo when I was racing a couple of years ago, I had a mid race crash and money was in my account within a few days to replace my parts. Since cancelled it as it wasn’t needed, no racing, group rides etc so can’t speak for them now, but they were great

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I have laka, seem pretty solid, you pay a variable amount (with a cap).

Heres a link for £25 off

I’ve got two bikes covered by Yellow Jersey and the others are on our household policy. Household policy is with Admiral.

Neither are/were the cheapest but, both policies seem fair, only requiring me to use Gold Secure locks. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Yellow Jersey cover me anywhere in the world for both racing and pleasure.

Thanks, @GeorgeAnderson sent me one too. But I can’t see the referral code for either. Not sure if it’s me or the links…!

I will check them out before I commit.

I’ve heard Yellow Jersey are expensive, but I’ll take a look

I think you just need to sign up using the links above, but the separate code is:

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Barclays do standalone insurance for bikes, covers all bikes up to the value of your most expensive. Just ran a quick quote for myself on a £3k value and it was a shade under £100 per year.

Ours is through Swinton and is underwritten by Pen Property Consortium. Any bike over £1000 is on it and the cover is like for like, i.e. no depreciation in cost. Covers use in the UK.

Just click the link and request a quote and once you sign up you get credited £25.

Halifax home insurance. Had a crash about 2 months ago which completely destroyed my wheel among other things. Got a payout within 5 days. They cover up to £5000.00

I’m sure they’re not the cheapest. Their level of cover/replacement policy met my needs and the price didn’t seem ridiculous.

We are with Santander, you insure your most expensive bike and all other bikes are covered automatically and includes crashes. We left NFU as bikes were pushing the price up big time.