Lachlan Morton's Alt Tour

Nice little film, released by EF-Nippo and Rapha, about Lachlan Morton’s alt tour earlier this year.


Watched this last night. Highly recommend it. His attitude is just fantastic and it’s a joy to see how much joy he gets from riding a bike :+1:t2:

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Not to mention the bit where his Dad turns up. I think I had a bit of grit in my eye…


If only the world had more like Lachlan.


Incidentally, that was the exact moment my allergies started flaring up :rofl:

My only complaint about the film was that I felt they really should have focused a bit more on the massive distances and climbs he was completing day in, day out. Apart from the focus on the knee/feet issues it felt to me a little too much like ‘guy goes out for some nice rides during the TdF’ rather than the epic undertaking it actually was.
Maybe that’s what they wanted to portray though?


It did seam short. I stumbled on that during this morning’s 3x23 intervals. It was weird to still have another interval!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thought it was really good, but I was hoping for a little more detail of each stage of the journey ala Vegan Cyclist’s “Impossible Route” videos

Totally agree. Got to admit to being a bit underwhelmed by the film given his achievement and the previous coverage of his rides.

My thoughts too.

But it shoulda been longer…maybe a few episodes :smiley:

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