Kristian Blummenfelt work out?


Just wondering what this work out is for? Looks brutal! Also i can’t quite make out his ftp

I guess it’s for a lactate and/or VO2 test, looking at the equipment and the “gaps” in the ramp to do get the blood sample. But just a guess.

He logged 2hr43mins seams a bit long?

That looks to me like a ramp test with pauses to sample blood lactate between steps. And then a blowout VO2 at the end. But who knows for sure…



interval is probably around 80% FTP, target is 241, so FTP around 301W?

I’ve seen @mcneese.chad measure distances and angles pixels in the bike fitting thread, he could probably figure out the exact percentage of the first interval with the same tool

Metabolic testing with a small step ramp at race relevant intensities. Not sure what the tried with those last two step which are slightly separated from the ramp. Especially unclear when looking at his Strava. All we have is cadence but those two are odd.

Are you talking about the triathlete? thats not his name

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In one of their videos, they explain even that they use TR for treadmill running :grinning:

Not a chance.

Even with a super low cda you gotta be doing 300+ for 4hrs to go his IM pace.

Lol yes he is almost surely a 400+ ftp guy. He is not a light athlete either, weighs 75kg. He can’t run sun 14min in the 5k too! He’s really incredible

The workout was 2.5 hours and the picture is from 10 minutes in. He’s still in his warmup and sitting up. It’s probably more like 60% of FTP than 80%.

Auto correct and i didn’t notice. But yes, the triathlete that "doesn’t look like a triathlete "

Kristian Blummenfelt?

It’s 378/379 or something close to this number.

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Welp, that sure isn’t Blum!! :crazy_face:


I’m away on vacation, but can do this next week if needed.

I don’t even know who she is but people here seem to to be curious what her FTP is

Kristen is actually a male name in NO and DK :slight_smile:

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It is the surname thats incorrect?