Kona Special #3 – Wes Thompson – Ask a Cycling Coach 180

The next podcast in our Kona Qualifiers Series is with Wes Thompson. Wes grew up racing motocross and surfing the eastern coast of Australia but never had any formalized training in any of the three disciplines of triathlon. It’s easy to assume that Kona qualifiers are all blessed with natural talent or have decades of experience in one or more disciplines, but Wes is an example of tireless hard work and sacrifice. Tune in to learn how this father of two and multi-business owner has become a genuine age group threat, and leave your comments and questions below for Wes to see!


Another great podcast from Kona, interesting to hear the different approaches each athlete takes but, all are incredible.

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Really interesting, are you planning or could you do some post race analysis with the same people? Looks like Wes had a tough day, wonder if he is on the forum to comment?

That does look like a tough day out. It was a fast day and all the guys interviewed pre race we’re looking for around the 10hr mark

Yeah, looks like he hit the wall half way through the run and had to walk it… would be very interested to find out why? If he’s on the forum or if Jonathan can make contact with him just to get a short race report would be awesome!

I would love to hear a recap with all 4 of the guests.


Me too, some of my very favourite podcasts.

Also think that the fireman turned up on IM talk during the week, was he doing the podcast circuit?

Hi you guys, yes as you’ve seen my day out didn’t finish as planned.
I went into the race with a sore spot on my left ‘solius longus’ (I googled it), it was fine and wasn’t giving any problems. That very same spot got heel kicked by an athlete that appeared to be having trouble treading water vertically. It did hurt a lot more than it should have, already being a tender spot.
The swim time was as expected but a horrible experience as there was very little or no clear water for the entire course.
The bike was ridden very conservatively but was 15 minutes faster than the two times I had ridden it before because the conditions were as good as they get out there.
Onto the run I felt great, seeing the Chad, Nate and Jonathan on the run course was fun. High fives and a shaka’s all round.
Out onto the Queen K for the remainder of the run, the race was really just starting. Things were getting tougher for everyone and that is when I was able to start passing athletes. I was gaining confidence and moving up. Just as I was about to enter the ‘Energy Lab’ at the 21km mark, my lower leg that was kicked whilst waiting for the swim start made a cracking sound like snapping a small stick and just like that, the muscle snapped. Very painful and un-runable.
My race was virtually over and the long limp to finish began!
A DNF was never going to happen and I did walk in the other 21km.
I was on track for a personal best on the course, but it wasn’t to be…that’s racing!


Oh man, that sucks! Good on ya for making it the whole way. Hope you are back on the bike soon!!

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Thanks mate. Generally I’m a fast healer, so it won’t be long. Thanks for the follow.


Damn. Glad you made it to the finish. Heal
Strong :slight_smile:

@Wes_THompson - you are amazing. Heal well. Inspirational finish :face_with_head_bandage: :tornado:

Thank you sir.

I heard turmeric mentioned in this episode and that piqued my interest. I often put some ground turmeric in my smoothies due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Then I thought I heard @Jonathan mention that it stains your teeth. Eek! But I consulted Dr. Google - he actually said things like coffee, turmeric and the like don’t stain your teeth - staining is the result of unhealthy enamel (acidic diet --> porous enamel --> staining). Then I found a couple articles that talked about people using turmeric to actually whiten their teeth. (Have at it :slight_smile: ) At any rate, my only knock on ground turmeric in a smoothie is that it gives it a really unappealing hue. Mine gets poured in a Yeti so I don’t have to look at it. And all that said - cheers! :slight_smile:

What I was thinking of during the interview was Curcumin, the extract of Turmeric. I was using it to ease a bursa inflammation on my heel. Two tablets morning and night worked a treat. I have also heard Turmeric can whiten teeth!

My smile is so dazzling since I started using it. :blush:. Amazing achievement @Wes_THompson. And a great interview. Cheers.

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