How to watch the Ironman World Championship live

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If you listen to the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast, you will have heard Coach Jonathan a few episodes back say to reach out if you are participating in this year’s Ironman World Championship. Jonathan’s effort, combined with looking over the 2018 Kona Participants list and catching quite a few of your names, connected us with so many incredible athletes, 29 of which took the time out of their busy week leading up to Kona to share a bit of their story.

These 29 age group athletes shared what it took for them to get to Kona, the advice they’d give to anyone who wants to be in their position, and how they use TrainerRoad. I then put all that goodness into a blog post. You can go to the TrainerRoad blog now to see what they each had to say.

An extra special shout out and thank you go to Tony Weeks, David Nicholls, Wes Thompson, and Michael Stanek who went the extra mile and met up with Chad, Jonathan and Nate in Hawaii this week to record a few podcast episodes. All three interviews are live now and available for your listening pleasure. :wink: Everyone seems to really enjoy and get a lot of value from the athlete interviews. Let us know if you want to see more of that!

Ok, now for what this post is really about: watching the event!

Watch the Ironman World Championship Live

I’ve seen this asked a couple times. Here’s information I’ve gathered from Ironman’s website. I plan on watching the event live on Facebook.

  • Comprehensive live coverage of the professional race will begin at 12:30 pm ET globally on IRONMANnow at

  • The IRONMAN World Championship will be broadcast in the USA through the various platforms of NBC Sports, including the live start of the race on NBCSN on Saturday, October 13 from 12:30-2:00pm ET

  • Live reports will air on NBC and NBCSN throughout race day and live race coverage on

  • One-hour highlight shows of the event will air on NBCSN at 12:00am and 1:00pm on Sunday, October 14.

Follow Athletes on Race Day

My game plan is to watch the event live and keep an eye on as many TR users as I can using the Ironman Tracker App. It’s pretty great. If you have an athlete you want to follow, just open the app, select the “2018 Ironman World Championship” event, then search for the participant’s name. On the day of the race, you can then track the athlete’s times, paces, see split estimates, and division placement all in real time. Neat stuff if you haven’t used it before.

Are you watching the event live or in-person tomorrow? If so, who are you rootin’ for?! Finally, best of luck to everyone competing!!


Excellent info! Thanks @chelsea

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Thanks Chelsea.

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@chelsea @Jonathan just wanted to leave here that the TR coverage of Kona this week was awesome. you guys did a great job with the interviews and the blog post is gold :slight_smile: thanks for the effort! :partying_face:


Is there a highlights show/coverage?

There’s a bunch on YouTube similar to this one