Kinetic inRide pairing and options

Asking for a friend! Excuse his sensor naming :slight_smile: But for those who use the inRide from Kinetic, do you see these options of erg/resistance, power match, etc? Isn’t just reading the power and has no ability to control a regular Road Machine Kinetic trainer?

The newer inRide presents itself like a smart trainer so that it can provide the standardized calibration. I get those options with my inRide 3, IIRC.

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Just upgraded from an older version of the inride. Which mode do you select when using a regular fluid trainer - ERG or Resistance? ERG clearly doesn’t make sense, but neither does resistance since I manually set resistance with the knob of the trainer wheel.

Any chance that you have the wrong trainer selected? Seems funny to even have the option for a Road Machine that is fluid only.

Only have 1 trainer, so it’s definitely the right one. It seems the latest inride sensor defaults to providing these options, no matter what trainer you have.


I have been using my InRide sensor for about a year, and I see the same options.
By default mine was set to “Erg”, and I kept it there for months without knowing. Obviously it did not function as “erg”, but I found no difference in power reading etc either, after switching it to “resistance”. So it does not appear that those “settings” have any impact in the way the unit reports power to TR.

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When I was using the inRide, I don’t think there was a control mode.

I suspect the firmware ignores it, but out of principle, I’d choose Resistance. The in-app resistance controls won’t work, naturally, but the TR app also has no expectations as to what resistance changes actually do to your trainer (it’s just an arbitrary dial).

Does TR classify this as a “Trainer” or a “Power Meter” in the devices section? Is it indicated anywhere?

Seems funny, if TR knows it is the InRide module, that it gives any option other than it would for a “Power Meter”.

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IIRC, it’s a Trainer. The firmware presents itself that way so that it gets a spin-down calibration procedure. So TR would need to special-case the inRide to take away some configuration options but leave the Trainer calibration procedure. Might be a hard sell for configuration options that do nothing.

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  • Great point. I didn’t consider that.

The inride has always had a spindown calibration. What’s new in the latest model is the option to select ERG mode or resistance, neither of which apply. Although, it sounds like TR ignores this option for inride?

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It looks like there are different protocols for each version of the Kenetic inRide (we cover that topic a bit here in this support article: ‘Kinetic inRide Power Meter’, but I would definitely have your friend reach out to support to confirm they’re choosing the most appropriate settings for TrainerRoad workouts! They can email or go Submit a Request online!

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