KickrV5 - drift in ERG-mode?

I’ve noticed the same issue with the drift on my kickr v5 and what I would recommend to do is a factory spindown after a long workout.

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Just wanted to elaborate, for me I believe my earlier drift was the sum of two effects:

  1. The drift Im now seeing and that was similiar for my Kickr18, that I believe is 100% temperature related.

  2. The “power jumps” (seen under) I experienced multiple times during workouts earlier that seems to have disappeared after the post workout factory spindown.

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Just as an update. I’ve done 3 fairly long trainerroad workouts in a row now in which the difference between my favero pedals and my kickr V5 have stayed within 1-1.5%.

I cant complain at all if it stays like that.


Did you do a second factory spindown? You had some drift 7 days ago right?

Looking at my own data from the last week, it seems like things are getting gradually worse, not much, but its a trend, will probably do another factory spindown tonight.

To be honest I’m starting to doubt my pedals… the biggest change between my original workouts and the latest ones is that i’ve brought my bike into the house a couple of hours before my workout rather than just 15-30 mins. I also removed and re-seated my pedals - but they seemed fine.

I still get some drift in the same direction as before but now my kickr is going from +0.5% to -1.5% compared to my pedals…

I’m going to keep an eye on it obviously but at the moment I think the kickr is going to fulfill my aim of being close enough to my pedals that I don’t have to religiously use powermatch.

There’s only 1 way to solve it. A 3rd and/or 4th PM. Chainring and/or crank type. :slight_smile:


Been following along here after picking up the new v5 Kickr and already had the Assioma Duos. I seem to be seeing some “drift” where the pedals start reading higher (or Kickr lower) in ERG mode, but the weird part here is I have the Wahoo app set to “control from ANT+ power meter” with the Assioma ID in there. Does that make any sense?

Today’s ride as an example. Starts out pretty close, then drifts to ~5-10W higher on pedals, despite the Kickr in theory using that as the power source. I don’t expect instant power to match but I expect 15 min intervals to land within a couple watts. Is my expectation off?

I have no experience with the “control from ANT+ power meter” feature, but thought that was Wahoos own “power match” feature. So would expect graphs to line up pretty close to each other, that isnt the case in the dataset over. Doesnt seem to work at all.

I would toggle off the “control from ANT+ power meter”, set power source to Assioma Duos and controllable to Kickr in Zwift, then I would expect the Assiomas to hit the ERG-target.

I’m happy with my kickr now…

I still get a little drift in the same direction but it remains (just) within the combined accuracy. Kickr starts +1% and ends -1.6%

So they are drifting 2.6% over the hour which isn’t ideal but they do line up exactly around the middle when they intersect :man_shrugging:

I calibrated both PMs after the warmup - zero cal on the pedals and just relied the auto cal on the kickr. Suppose my next experiment would be to trigger an auto cal on the kickr before the last set to see what difference it makes.

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Mine has been drifting about the same for couple of weeks now, Quarq reading from -3% in start to -0% in end of workout. Looked like the drift was getting gradually worse over those weeks so did a new factory spindown after workout november 20. On workout november 21 Quarq was back to reading from 0% in start and +4% in end of workout including those power jumps mentioned earlier, so did a new factory spindown after workout november 21. On november 22 Quarq was back to reading from -3% in start to 0% in end of workout.


Dont know what to take from this, if anything.

Found out last week that the KickrV5 isnt compatible with the 2021 Emonda, which I have ordered for next year. So I will probably ask my bikeshop if they will give me a deal on the Neo 2T. Which is a bummer since I sold my 2T to buy the Kickr, but I really dislike this drift.

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how are you guys doing the zwiftpower analysis? is it free or similiar to DCR paid feature?



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