Kickr v6 permanent resistance increase?

Looking for some help into this issue I am experiencing. Bought a new kickr in August and tried Zwift but decided to focus on TR instead. It has been great and I have been satisfied. Winter laziness has crept in with less riding but the promo code Zwift got me thinking to try it again. My trainer resistance ever since has felt really high. I thought I was crazy, I just need to ride it out because auto-calibration or something.

60 watts feels like 130 (my FTP is 172) and with my hear rate climbing to 170 (my max is 180)

I am just tanked after trying the same things over and over. app closing, one bluetooth. After my initial troubleshooting and frustration attempt, I took some time yesterday to do a comparison and check a few more things. The flywheel doesn’t spin freely when the trainer is unplugged (vs my v3 unit that does; brake engaged?) and a sample comparison of a previous endurance ride on Grosses (screenshots).

Anyone else experience this? The v6 units don’t have as much issues (or documentation it seems) to really troubleshoot without support (especially now during the holidays).

Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 09.17.27
Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 09.19.32

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I’m not going to be much help but my Kickr 6 fly wheel spins freely when plugged in or not plugged in.

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This is very helpful actually. It’s really the only evidence I have to point at

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I had this one time when I jumped the belt one tooth over on the motor roller pictured below during a particularly aggressive sprint. It was dragging on the cover. That would be the first thing to check. Couple of screws to take off the cover, mark tensioner position, un tension, move the belt back, re tension and then replace the cover fixed it for me.


Thanks for the insight. I will pull the cover today and check it out. Did you hear any rubbing before taking the cover off?

This was it, thanks Doug. Easy, frustrating, fix.

You can see the belt grinding build up and inside one tooth. Last picture is where the belt should go. For future people with this issue: the tensioner will warp the tighter the bolt is (the bolt with the line marking on the washer) and if tightened too much, will disposition the belt to run to the inside, thus causing it to jump more easily. I did a slight back off on the bolt.


I thought I had similar the other day…turned out i had a Wellington boot stuck under the flywheel.

This kind of stuff happens when your pain cave is wedged in the front porch. I managed an entire sweetspot hour before I worked out what the rubbing was. It got that noisey I could hear it through my headphones. (it was dark, in my defence):woman_facepalming:


I bet Steve had a laugh Jo. It was probably more like Threshold for an hour. You must have been cooked.

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You must have lost your sense of smell with covid, lol!

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Haha I’m always cooked so couldnt really tell the difference :rofl: