Kickr (v5) Cadence Drop by exactly half


I just started noticing that my Kickr (v5) was dropping my cadence by exactly half. It was happening pretty frequently during an endurance ride, dropping from 90 to 45. At first I thought it was something odd with my connection and switched between BLE and DirectConnect. It happened equally on either. This is the built-in cadence (virtual) of the Kickr (v5). I’m not using an external cadence sensor. My pedaling was smooth in the endurance ride and perhaps the lack of power fluctuations caused it to be less accurate? Should I go ahead and buy a cadence sensor for my back wheel?

Edit: Ah if I get a cadence sensor, they go on the crank arm or foot, not the wheel…



This is the correct. The cadence is an estimate based upon power pulses. If you are particularly smooth, it fools the system and reports incorrect data.

That all depends on how much you care about the data. Many ignore it, while others pay more attention. TR doesn’t leverage the data to a large extent, but AT may lead to it becoming a more useful metric for workout evaluation over time.