KICKR starting to smell?

Hey y’all… bit of a smelly question (literally)… I’m starting to get an odor coming from my KICKR… I’ve noticed that sweat tends to drip down towards the fly wheel and pool up directly below it. I’ve moved the KICKR and mopped the mat, but it appears most of the odor is coming from the KICKR itself… aside from wiping it down, is there more I can do to clean it? Does anyone else have this issue?

Welcome any and all ideas… ! ride on!

Is this a 2018 model? I think @GPLama and/or DC Rainmaker said something about a fishy smell coming from the more recent models

Yes, 2018… interesting! Anyone else??

Call Wahoo tech support they are top notch.

The Neo has fishy emissions after sustained 1000W efforts. I can’t recall the Kickr18 being a stinker aside from the standard just-from-a-factory-plastic-smell.

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How does sweat get near the flywheel. Do you cycle sitting up most of the time? Mine is on the handlebars, caught by a towel with some drops on the floor as they have missed the towel.


I figured out (or believe) the smell coming from my kickr is from the chain lubricant. But this is more of a rubber/oil-ish smell. I changed the chain lubes, but did not clean the chain completely so I’m unsure at the moment… but maybe worth looking into?