Wahoo Kickr Snap 2018 clicking sound

Hey, wondering if anyone has had issues with their Wahoo Kickr Snap 2017 (the wheel-on model) making a clicking sound similar to these:

It’s extremely frustrating, and I’ve tried tightening the bolts on the rollers with a hex key but to no avail, it’s still clicking. Anyone has ideas?

Have you contacted Wahoo support?

yeah just did, thought to ask the masses for any chance of a quick fix rather than having to deal with no trainer (I know! the horror?!) for a while.

I think everyone that owns a Wahoo brand trainer should have Kinetic road machine as a backup.


It sounds like something touching the flywheel, or part of flywheel touching the housing. There is white sticker on the inner side of the flywheel used for speed sensor, if you rotate the flywheel, should see it through gap between plastic cover and the flywheel, perhaps it has delaminated and touching the housing?

The cover is held by 3 screws, if you wish to go that way and check.

Just a thought…

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That applies to any brand of electronic trainer. They all can and do have issues from time to time.

And I agree. I still have my gray Road Machine as a permanent backup.

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Hmm, seems plausible. Imma check!

Update: nothing unlodged, seems like it is coming from inside the unit. Sent it to the dealer I bought it from and got a loaner unit for now (yay!..?) . Hopefully they’ll hear from Wahoo soon and give me a solution.

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I had this problem recently
Contacted Wahoo support, and they immediately sent me out a new unit under warranty.
Since they didnt ask me to go through loads of different ‘fixes’ it seems like its a known problem.

Wahoo support where very helpful though, not pleased the unit broke, but pleased with the response.

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