Kickr + fuji = good, kickr + new (to me) domane = no good. Need advice!

Hi everyone -
Started the season in March with a Wahoo Kickr Snap and my 2014 Fuji 1.5 to train for a gran fondo in august. Upgraded to a 2018 Trek Domane in April and love it. Kept the Fuji on the trainer for awhile…but sold it yesterday.

I knew there was a thru-axle adapter, so I bought one… and THEN i realized that it doesn’t work with my carbon Domane frame. After the Fuji was gone. Now I’m in a bit of a pickle

So…. Looking for some suggestions!

Solutions i can think of:
1.). Just do the rest of my training outside. Have a Garmin Edge 840, power, cadence and HR sensors.
2.). Buy a new trainer — do NOT want to do this, because $$, space, etc.
3.) buy a used road bike to throw on the trainer. Not ideal because… well, $$, space, etc.
4.). Put a 29er hardtail on there for the next two months? Different geometry, etc… but can i get adaptive training benefits riding a MTB on a smart trainer and a road bike outside?
5.). Find a used smart trainer that will work with the Domane
6.). anything you fine folks can suggest.

FWIW, I’m leaning toward option #1 as the smart play.

3….2….1…. Go — and thanks for any constructive help you can provide.

why doesn’t it work?

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I’m basically doing 4 - except that I have a hybrid bike. As far as I know, the different geometry doesn’t negatively affect the training benefits in my legs. It wouldn’t work necessarily to train you to get power out when in the drops if that’s important for you, and it may not help with secondary things like core strength that are important for a road bike’s aggressive posture, but since you’re also riding outside I expect that’s less of an issue.

I would be a little cautious about the 29er creating a weird angle since the tire is larger than what trainer is designed for, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to adjust the height by putting something extra under the trainer so long as you’re careful about it.

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the way these frames are built doesn’t allow the axle adapter to insert in the right direction. It fits one way and works as an axle… but it doesn’t work w/ the trainer. Hard to explain w/o pics…. but it’s a known issue.

It just wasn’t known to me when i got a sweet deal on Craigslist for the new bike

+1 for it being a known issue for Trek.

Return your incompatible thru-axle adapter and pick up a Robert Axle Project SKU: TRA221. You can also use their axle finder to confirm. Functions differently than the Wahoo TAA, and is compatible with your frame and the Snap.

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awesome — thanks so much!

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