Kickr Snap bump/warping sound when freewheeling

Hi all,

I’m on my second day with the kickr snap and overall I’m thrilled with it. However, I’m hearing a strange sound that I wanted to check on.

During every spindown, when I stop pedaling and listen to the wheel, I consistently hear a bump sound once per revolution. It’s a very obvious sound that has me worried. I have the smoothest training tire that I used to use on my fluid 2 trainer with no issues, so I’m assuming it’s something wrong with the snap unit itself. The noise does not seem to impact anything (yet) but it sounds concerning.

Has anyone else heard a similar sound? Is it expected? Is there anything I can do about it?

This is the new model (post-2017).

Once per revolution of wheel or trainer ?

If it is wheel then it’s likely the wheel/tyre. You could test the wheel in several positions on the trainer and see if the bump happens in the same area of the wheel to prove it and narrow it down.

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This. Ideally you need to identify if it is happening once per tyre revolution or once per Snap drum revolution.
I have the same trainer and had a similar issue. Turns out my trainer specific tyre developed a ‘dent’ in it. I think from accidentally leaving it overnight against the drum after a session. Needless to say I make sure I relieve any tension on it after every ride.

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