Bike creaking on kickr snap


My bike is making an unbearable sound on the trainer. Here’s a video of me pushing the top tube side to side to create the sound… Any ideas?

My trainer is the kickr snap.

Remove the bike from the trainer.
Inspect and clean the quick release skewer and it’s contact surfaces with the bike frame/dropouts.
Reinstall the skewer and make certain it is properly torqued.
Clean the outside of the quick release skewer and the inside of the trainer at the skewer support cups.
Reinstall the bike into the trainer with proper clamp compression and retest.

Essentially, make sure every contacting part from the bike to the skewer to the trainer are totally clean and properly installed.

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Just tried this. No bueno.

The exact same setup on my SO bike produces no sound.

Well, it’s new bike time then :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure where it is coming from then. :man_shrugging:

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I brought it to the lbs. Here are the Two possible causes.

1- I cracked the frame
2- something loose near the bottom bracket.

Yikes! I was going to joke about a busted frame, but I figured that was way off. But I do agree it is a possibility.

Hope they find something simple and easy to correct. Let us know how it goes.

Hi I actually had the same problem on my kickr snap, after all the troubleshooting it’s actually just that the quick release is still not tight enough on the bike. If you adjust the knob to be even closer on the non drive side it should stop the creaking.


It seems like it couldn’t be the BB if you are creating the sound pushing on the top tube.

I’d have someone else do the pushing and get down there with your ear and try to hone in on where the sound is coming from. Also, examine every square inch of your frame.

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The sound seemed to be coming from right above the bottom bracket.

I will try this on sunday after the LBS tries to fix the problem.

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I might have found the issue.

Here is a picture of the skewer attached to the trainer. It’s a tacx skewer with a wahoo kickr snap. Should the skewer insert deeper?

I doubt it because my other bike does not have the creaking problem.

Swap skewers between the bikes and retest.

ETA: I have never liked the Tacx skewer design and don’t like what I see above. Right or wrong, I’d get a regular trainer skewer for this use, and ditch the Tacx one.

I have to seriously tighten mine down at the skewer. Make it so tight it takes two hands to close the QR. That works for me on my OG Neo. Any looser and I creak.


Kickr’s skewer end looks more conical. Maybe it fits better in their trainer?

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Yes, this is a typical, generic trainer skewer that seems to be common for most brands outside of Tacx.