Kickr snap killing trainer tyres!

Yesterday my second trainer tyre gave up the ghost! After feeling a bump every revolution I got off the bike at the end of my workout to find the tyre had almost exploded. This is the second time it’s happened within 12 months. And two different brands of tyre (Vitoria, Tacx)

Anyone had the same experience? Any ideas on how to prolong the life? Bike is taken off the trainer every time so it’s not like I leave the clamp on the tyre. Only consistent thing is that it’s left pressurised at 120psi…

Is this just an unavoidable pitfall of wheel on, smart trainers?!

Used a Kickr Snap for 1.5 years with a Tacx trainer tire and the tire looks as new as the day I bought it. 120 psi seems pretty high, what is that tire rated for? I set mine at 100 psi and 2 full revolutions of the knob when tightening.

Do you release the pressure (the knob) after every ride? I have noticed with my previous tire that if I didn’t release the pressure, then it deforms the tire since only one spot sits on the roller under heavy pressure. I recommend you always back out the knob after every ride.

I know this is annoying if you have to recalibrate/ spindown every ride. I have a power meter so I don’t do the spin down.

Yeah I release the flywheel every time because I out the trainer away and take the bike off it!

In regards to the pressure, that tyre states 120psi max on the side So I’d have thought it would be ok. I also use a power meter so have no need to spindown etc but I’ve just always kept the pressure consistent. Suppose I should probably drop it down!!

I use the Vittoria @120psi and have never had an issue. Mine hasn’t gone black either, maybe check your drum is clean?

My trainer tire got pretty darkened with use so not sure that’s it, but cleaning the drum and the tire isn’t the worst idea. I’d say there’s something wrong, possibly with the wheel? Maybe it’s out of true and putting too much pressure on that point on the tire. It’s pretty wild the tire burst in pretty much the exact same way.

The other thing to check is if you’re running at a really high wheel rpm, it could be overheating. Doesn’t look like you’re running a massive gear in the back, but might be worth trying to use the small ring in that setup (if you’re using erg mode). The tires are supposed to be harder wearing, but heat does wonderful things.

I had a PM as well and did a spin down every ride after the initial warm up (10+ mins). Spin down is calibrating the tire pressure to the roller, or resistance.

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When I had my snap I always used gatorskins and never had to change one in over 3 years.

I had a Snap for about two years and found the same issue you’re having. I had to get a new trainer tire every six months (ish). I ran at 100 PSI, always removed tension after rides, and tried multiple brands. Never really figured out what was causing it.

I have used a snap for almost 4 years with the same tire. BC it is a wider tire, at 32, I use 75 PSI. no issues!

I just got myself a Snap yesterday so I can’t comment on this. However, I have used the same tire on my old fluid trainer for over 3 years now and I leave the bike on the trainer with tension on the tire and have never had issues with tire deformation. It doesn’t put that much tension on the tire.

I’ll report back as I gain more experience with my SNAP.

On my Snap, I use the Conti home trainer tire at 100 psi. Just my second tire in 4+ years.

I come from the days of Computrainer, but I had good luck with Continental Trainer tires. My process was to always clean the tire and roller with rubbing alcohol before clamping down and release clamping pressure between rides. I went through only 2 tires in 8 years of continuous use.

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120psi sounds high. I use 80psi which is what I use on the road. BTW, I’m using an aged GP4000 and it seems to be lasting forever.

My other thought is that since you are using a power meter, you should use the lease about of tire pressure that works. Maybe you just have too much pressure on the tire and since you don’t calibrate the trainer, you aren’t aware of it.

I don’t know what to add to help. I have used the same Vittoria trainer tire (red one) for literally 15+ years and over 25000 km on a couple of Vortex trainers (Flow and Vortex).

This is a pretty interesting thought experiment, but I think it’d have to be noticeably out (like, he has rim brakes - more out than would be able to go round with those) for that to happen.

It’s probably more the pressure, I’d run it at closer to 80 than 120 for sure - especially checking pressure when cold.

Another wild card is if your pump gauge is even right? I just bought a gauge after listening to the Silca guy on Fast Talk, and my pump is between 10-20 psi out at various ranges. I can imagine 120 which was actually 140 cold doing that in fairly short order!

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This is exactly my advice and experience. Continue trainer tire for sure! I’ve gone through 6 tires made by Kenda (Saris branded) and they were junk. One bubbled after 20 minutes at 143 watts, just after install. Use Continue and the alcohol rub and you’ll be golden.

Same, my pump is 10+ off and always use a digital gage to check pressure

Cheers for all the responses. I’ll drop the pressure and see how we go!!