Kickr cadence sensor data

Looking at getting into a smart trainer, and like a lot of things about the new Kickr now that issues with the 18 should have been addressed. However, it appears you need to use the included cadence sensor to pull that data, which is annoying. Does anyone know if it can pull the cadence from say Garmin vector pedals instead so that there isn’t a need for the cadence pod?

Yes, you can use cadence data from any other sensor (besides the separately provided Wahoo sensor).

For clarity, there is absolutely no connection between the Kickr and any cadence sensor (theirs or otherwise).

  • The cadence and power data are read into whatever device is paired to them.
  • The cadence and power data are two separate data streams that have nothing directly to do with each other.

You just pair the desired devices in your device and app, and you are good to go.

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Gotcha, that’s good to know. I have been bouncing back and fourth between the Kickr and Neo, but since I will have vectors for power match as well, cadence shouldn’t be an issue then. Thanks!

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