Garmin Vector 3’s dead, questions on kickr power

So my second set of RMA’d vector 3 power pedals have kicked the bucket, just two months after I got them. I don’t have a choice, but how different is the power measurement on my 2018 wahoo kickr going to be to the vectors? The last time I used it, the kickr smoothed the power so much I saw no spikes at all, even when I jammed on the pedals.

Thanks all.

Lots of smoothing, but look at the upside, you’ll get a 5-10% boost to your FTP!


In theory, it’ll be within a few watts. In practice, it may not.

If it’s not, there’s a problem and don’t let any company get away with excuses like “Yeah, drivetrain loss is about 15W”. That shits me to no end as it’s a cop-out for the industry making inaccurate power meters and having sub-par customer support.

Accurate power matters.

*Well, that’s the best chance to get it working 100%


There’s no way of knowing unless you tested your specific pedals to your trainer as there can be variations with all products.

It’s probably best to follow Shane’s advice above and if you’re really unsure then take another ramp test or carry on with the workouts and if they feel like they did before then the numbers were / are pretty close.


My Kickr 17 was way over reporting power until I did a Factory Spin down. Subsequently pretty close to Vector 3’s and my current Assiomas

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