Spare 2018 Kickr thru axle adapter?

Does anyone have a spare 2018 Kickr 12x142 thru axle hub adapter or isn’t using theirs that I could buy off you? Located in Los Angeles but will gladly pay shipping.

Have you just tried calling wahoo support?

They’ve been out of stock of them for a quite a while, likely why he’s venturing into the forum.

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Is this what you’re looking for?

That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Could I buy them off you? Or could I borrow them for a couple weeks until Wahoo can send me replacements? Or I could ship the replacements to you.

They’re extras, you can have them. Send me a PM. Where in LA are you? We can work out shipping or … I’m in Ventura County

I’m also in need of these pieces. Hard to find!