Wahoo Kickr model 2016 problem

I recently bought a used Wahoo Kickr (model 2016). It´s for a MTB with quick release, so I bought a new
9speed cassette, the problem is that I´m apparently is missing at part to tighten the cassette body.
I have been in contact with Wahoo support without any luck.

I hope any of you could help me in the right direction ?!


The part that tightens the cassette is there. It’s the part with sram written on it. Or do I miss something?

The SRAM part tightens the gear part, but the cassette itself is not tighten to the trainer. So when I put the bike on the trainer, the bike presses against the cassette, making it impossible to turn. So I need something between the bike and the cassette.

Looks like you’re missing the adaptors for hub width etc. I know this is the through axle kit but you need something like this - Wahoo Kickr 2014/2016 Thru-Axle Adapter Kit – Condor Cycles or this but for the 2016 model KICKR & KICKR CORE Hub / Axle Adapter Kit | Wahoo Fitness UK

You need a special tool to tighten the cassette and a cassette whip, do you have both tools?

You’ll also need a spacer on the hub to make a 9 speed fit a 10/11 speed hub.

Ok, now I got it. Because the Kickr can be used both for through axle and quick release, there should be an adapter for quick release axle. This is actually a Kickr accessory and wahoo should be able to help you. Or you simply order it.

I had a 2016. The part that you are missing is a very thin nut that presses against the spacer just inside the cassette lock washer. It is knurled much like the outside of a quick release skewer nut. When installed you gently tighten it against the spacer with very little pressure. “Finger tight” I believe…any more than that creates pressure against the freehub bearings and creates drag. I hope this helps.

Problem solved