Key Weekend Workout in 40k TT Plan?

Hey gang, I’m about to start the 40K TT plan for the first time. In past years I’ve done Rolling Road Race or Century. My progression this winter has been SSB Mid Volume 1 & 2 > Sustained Power Build Mid Volume > 40k TT Mid Volume (this week). As per the past couple winters, I have substituted my Sunday LSD rides with Zone 2-3 cross country skiing (classic) when the weather and my schedule has allowed. Looking at the 40K TT plan though, it looks to me like the Sunday workout is actually the more specific one to the goals of this plan. Is that accurate? Or, are the shorter threshold blocks on Saturday workouts more important than the long Sweet Spot blocks scheduled for Sundays? I’m just trying to figure out what to swap out for my skiing, though there are probably only a few weeks left of skiing anyway.

Thursdays are the most important workout. I would sub the Sunday ride.

Thanks Sam, so you’d say that the higher intensity of Saturday is still more valuable than the event specific interval duration of Sunday?

If an either/or for the weekend sessions, I would keep the Sat workout as the Thursday session looks the most race specific (i.e. ~1h at FTP) and can sub for the Sunday

I’d like to see compliance % for the Sunday session though, not high would be my guess!

If this was on my plan, I’d keep the Tue/Thurs (though switch to Tue and Fri), using the weekend for some solid Z2 work.

I haven’t got the plan to hand, but the Sunday is a long tempo/low SS effort, isn’t it?

The Thursday workout is event-specific in that it’s essentially a watered down 40k TT.

Your z2/z3 XC skiing sounds quite similar to the Sunday ride, as they’re both longer sub-maximal efforts, so would be a good substitute IMO.