40k TT plan question

Hi all

As my race season mostly revolves around doing 10 mile tt’s ,club races mid week then open races

when run at weekends is the 40k tt plan the best suited to the shorter effort required for a 10 mile tt.

I would probably do two or three 40k (25mile tt) per season compared to two 10 mile tt’s a week.

Any advice appreciated before i get stuck into structured training again.

40k TT plan is great for building sustained power, which is what a 10m TT is. I’d question racing midweek every week though, and racing at weekends, as you could find that you end up losing fitness as your aerobic base could diminish.

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Mid week TTs are a very British thing, most clubs have a league series which runs through summer and run over 10 miles.

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I recently asked the same question on another forum and TR gave this reply:

Sprint Distance Triathlon races usually have a 20km TT bike leg, so that’s the specialty plan we’d recommend. Don’t think of the 40k TT plan so much in distance as time; that plan prepares you for ~1hr long effort (near-FTP). Whether that’s applicable to different distances depends on the course and your capability.