Key fundamental cycling concepts


I’m still relatively new to the sport and trying to learn more about various cycling concepts, for example how to sprint, how to have the correct pedaling technique, how to approach long climbs, how to draft, etc.

My problem is that I don’t know what I don’t know - I randomly hear of cycling concepts and then look them up on YouTube to educate myself, but if I don’t know what to look up then…

Hence, is there a list of cycling concepts somewhere? A book maybe, or could folks just post up things here (I can help curate this list)? I’m primarily interested in road but did MTB before (so I know of things like bunny hops, endos, manuals, etc). Thanks!

I’ll start by posting what I know of so far.

- drafting
- sprinting
- speedwork:
	- accelerate to full speed
	- attack
- climbing:
	- in the saddle - lean the body forward
	- out of the saddle - transfer the weight into the pedal by stepping up
- pedal technique (moving the foot in a perfect circle)
- cadence:
	- low vs high cadence and when to use each
- fixie (fixed gear):
	- skid stops
	- skid bumps

MTB (of course can also be done on a road bike):
- bunny hop
- endo
- manual
- wheelie