Get more in depth on pedaling and breathing


I am not a very good in English even if I listen a lot of podcasts from the US and the UK since many years. I lack of vocabulary on precise body part or body reactions.

I do some road cycling since 7 years now. My FTP on TR is 293w but I definitely want more fitness to enjoy fast ride on the road. I do not plan to join a race.

On my first week on TR I had very great exercises on pedaling + few mentions of breathing. Sadly I cannot replay training instructions (I would love too Feature Request - Option to see all instructional text after a workout).

Do you have any recommendations on good pedaling? Same question for breathing.

Like videos, articles, old episode of TR podcast.

Thanks in advance.

Link for Pedaling and breathig

Riding Indoors and Pedaling Skills, Part 1

Riding Indoors and Pedaling Skills, Part 2

Try Breathing Exercises for Athletes for Improving Your Performance

Thanks a lot!