Kinetic inride / 4iiii 3D comparison. bored posting

only a wee submit to hold my occupied in these lockdown instances.

i’ve been the use of a kinetic road gadget with the inride virtual electricity meter, on trainerroad for the past 18 months or so. no court cases in any respect, the spindown calibration function is first rate and facilitates maintain constant.

the day before today i discovered that 4iiii nds electricity meters have dropped in fee (£240 on probikekit for the r7000 version), so i purchased one. it arrived these days which changed into superb, and that i set it up.

i have been getting back into training after a quite lengthy layoff, and my fitness is coming back pretty brief from a high of 301w ftp as suggested via inride in late 2018.

i examined in late february this year and i was unhappy to look that i was sitting at 260. a few weeks later the workouts had turn out to be pretty smooth and i retested at 282. that’s what i have been running on for the past little at the same time as which feels approximately right

pm arrived these days, so i set it up and did every other ramp check. result was 284. will maybe bump this up by way of 5 watts as i am quite biased toward cardio in my competencies compared to anaerobic.

so, only a little psa if everyone cares - the baked in energy curve for the kinetic avenue system is absolutely rad and honestly accurate in my opinion. i really like my new strength meter but this has frequently just expanded my appreciation for the inride.

anybody else have this experience?

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I had the same experience comparing my Pioneer to the InRide. I found the InRide pretty much spot on. That’s why I was so disappointed with my Kickr Core. I never felt confident it was giving me consistency, seemed all over the place in comparison.