Power Discrepancy Problem

Hello…had a big power problem for the first time ever with TR/trainer. I have a Kurt Kinetic Rock and roll trainer with the newest inride sensor. Have been using this for many months. Warmed up the trainer and calibrated the same as I always do…room temp the same. Certain gears always correspond to certain watt #’s. Today they were way off. For example 2nd or 3rd gear may correspond to 60 watts at 93 cadence. Today it was 6th or 7th gear and as the ride progressed the discrepancy became larger. After 45:00 no watts registered at 3rd gear. What could be the problem? It was fine on Saturday. Should I be using Legacy, new or disabled? I have the new app. Please help. Thanks


I am unfamiliar with that trainer but check the pressure of the trainer wheel against your tire and/or pump your tire. If the trainer tire is getting worn or deflated it will result in a “loss of power”.

Thanks for the feedback…although tire is inflated to 90 same as always and same pressure on tire.

Change the battery in your inride sensor.

Maybe the new InRide sensors are better than the first and second gen ones, but it was issues like this that pushed me into getting PMs on the bike. Drove me crazy not being super confident in if a workout felt harder or easier because of me or some weird fluctuation in the sensor output.

Doesn’t help you much, other than to say that they are very good surrogates for a PM, but they do have increased measurement uncertainty.

Thanks. Everything has been very repeatable between the inride sensor and my TR app. Suddenly it completely changed.

yeah - I meant to say I experienced the same thing. I had like a 30W differential that I could document when running the inRide in TR vs. a different app, but no one could figure out why it happened. It literally just switched one day to the next after a TR update. This was years ago, so likely these types of things are not an issue anymore. Hopefully it is just a battery issue for you.