Keep recording after Workout Complete

When I’m done with an indoor workout on iPhone, will TR record data if I keep pedaling? Or is there only an extend cool down button? I don’t mind the extend warm up functionality, but at the end of a tough workout I often want to pedal without having to think about anything. Is there a way to record that data?

  • No, it will stop recording when the it hits the end of the time.
  • The only other option would be to record your devices with a non-TR app or device, like a Garmin or Wahoo head unit, and then use that for your data. But it is not ideal either, since you won’t get the related TR info like the power targets and such, from those “outside” devices.

Thanks for explanation, Chad.

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I should add, there is an existing feature request to allow for setting a default extension (for WU or CD) before the workout (if not an actual user defined setting applied to all workouts). A feature like this might address your need, so you may want to add your comment there, or I can merge your thread into that one.