Keep having to log in


I get an email for each new post. I then flick through them and open the ones I want to read in full. This opens a new tab for each new post. I have login each time. Shouldn’t Discourse keep me logged in? I’m using Safari 12 with 2FA turned on.

Best wishes


Maybe you turned off cookies?

Hi Nate,

These are my settings. Seem to be ok. It seems each tab is a new session.

If I have no tabs or window open to the forum and open a new one, go to the forum I am logged in. It seems to only happen when I jump from the email application.

This got me thinking. What is the difference? I then realised my email gateway rewrites the link so that when I open it is rescanned to check it isn’t malicious. The browser is then redirected to the correct link. If I copy and paste that link to a new tab, I am logged in. It seems it is the re-write that is the issue.

I can’t complain as I set up the mail gateway :slight_smile: