Kask Infintiy helmets

Looking at one of these after a couple too many drops, bangs and knocks I want to replace my helmet.

I’ve seen Kask Infinity helmets for a reasonable price (if I’m less clumsy in the future) but am undecided as it will be my everything helmet: local TTs, hill climb races, crits, long casual rides and commuting.

Just asking here as to whether anyone else uses it (or similar really aero helmet) as their main lid, is it going to cook me? Be too heavy? I live in the South West UK (Devon) so it’s not super hot all year like the South of France (where I wish I lived!).

Any advice is welcome.

I have one, I love it, not too warm for me though I am generally only out early in the morning, not too heavy feeling and I’m sure it’s noticeably faster than my previous non aero lid.

I have one as well. The heat has never been a problem (I live in Belgium).

It is a bit heavier than my preferred one at the moment, which is the Lazer Bullet and my previous one (a Giro Aeon).

Also the backside of the helmet was bothering me, but fit is different for everyone…