Best helmet for Ironman distance (with caveats)

Like many, I’m waiting for the racing season to start back (although next weekend will be gravel race #3 in the last 5 or 6 weeks). What I’m really waiting for is IM Texas in April. This will be #6 at that distance for me since 1989 (yeah, I’m that old). For various reasons, even though this is a pancake flat course (typically 2 loops of headwind one way, tailwind the other), I’ll be on a road bike instead of a TT bike. Just put a set of Easton carbon flat top bars on my Colnago, with an out front stem mounted Garmin mount. I find it pretty easy to lay flat on the bars (Mark Hirschi style) for prolonged periods holding either the hoods or the Garmin 1030, and I’m pretty small, so that’s as aero as I want to/can get on the bike. Have a Roka aero tri suit on order, and currently have a Specialized Evade II helmet, which is pretty aero as far as road helmets go. Question is: is there a better helmet to use, w/ a combination of aero properties and ventilation (because…Texas), while riding in a more roadie vs triathlete style position? Thanks in advance for the input

I was going to recommend the Evade or Ballista. You might also play with a Kask short tail aero helmet. Those are supposed to be a little more tolerant of not being in the exact position.

I have both the Evade (II) and Balista. Prefer the Evade, fits my smallish head better. I will look into the Kask. Thanks!