TT helmet during winter rides

Just curious if anyone uses TT/Aero (not so vented) helmets during winter rides. Anyone have any recommendations on what’s a good TT helmet they’d suggest?

I usually do early morning rides and was wondering if using an aero/tt helmet would keep the head warmer during the my rides.

Will almost certainly keep your head warmer, but not a great choice for everyday use, IMO, due to the ear flaps and reduced hearing that comes with it.

Check out a BMX or skateboard lid, or The Big Black Bowl, as I like to call it. Used one for a few years as a commuting helmet and it worked great. Add some reflective stickers to it as well since there is plenty of surface area.

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Will you be using the helmet for TT riding or just road bike. If the latter, look at caps to wear under a road helmet, much warmer than any of my tt helmets…
Wind resistant winter caps will cost €25 for a good one…


Yes! Lazer Z1 Aeroshell is my winter topper. Works great to reduce ventilation and is removable mid-ride if the temps rise…

Picked it up as an on-sale bundle (helmet + shell) just for Winter riding.

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I use aerohelmets in the winter instead of lightweight well-vented helmets, because it’s cozier. I still wear a cap underneath. I have been using the Giant Rivet and the Poc Octal Aero. I didn’t get them with the intention that they would be “winter helmets” but I find them much more comfortable in the winter. The only issue is that I look like an idiot wearing them.

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I have a Giro Vanquish that I purchased just for the cool autumn/spring rides. We have a real winter here, so my regular helmet (Aether) would be too cold even with a cap. On the coldest days during the winter I ride mtb only, though.

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@Aeroiseverything i plan to do TT’s in the future, so i might get the TT helmet as a ‘future proof’ purchase (we’ll see how that goes).

thanks all for your thoughts on this!

Years ago one of my Giro helmets came with this winter/windblocking liner to put in the top, it really works well. Right now I’m using it in my old POC Octal with the little pads that velcro into the helmet pulled out and then putting the liner in, it’s not a good fit if I leave those little pads in.

yeah, that winter liner came with the Giro Ionos back in the day (late 00’s). Was a great feature, and like you, I still use it today, just not in that helmet.

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Another vote for the Lazer Z1 with added aeroshell, does an excellent job of stopping wind chill and it also keeps the rain out meaning on kind of cold and wet days a skull-cap is not always needed. Only downside is on hot and wet days it gets very condensated inside.

When I lived in Michigan, I used a Giant aero road helmet, with the vents taped over with electrical tape, for winter riding. I also got some fleece fabric (scrap from some neck gaitors I made) to cover the V shaped hole your ear sits in between the front and rear straps. Basically I made a little taco shell that fit around the V, and safety pinned it through the rear strap. It covered my ears enough that I didn’t need an ear cover or hat.

I personally can’t stand the feeling of a tight fitting hat holding my ears against my head. For whatever reason, it gives me a headache, especially while riding. Thus, the helmet that integrated in the ear covers was awesome, because it knocked the wind down enough, but didn’t push in on my ears too hard. For reference, I was able to use that helmet, sans hat or ear covers, in Fat Bike races down to about 0F, and while road riding down to about 15F.