KANAB workout - too hard?

Hi. I’ve been following TR plans for a few yeas now (on and off). I really like the AI and ML features, but have trouble with the design of some workouts.

My next scheduled workout is KANAB 60min. The main part is 5x9min at 99-105% with short 45sek recovery. I really cant understand how this workout is supposed to possible to do without extensive preperations. With the warmup, we are looking at 47 min in the 99-105% range. In my humble opinion: thats as hard as it can be. TR is labeling this as “Productive”. What am I missing here? Isn’t this way too hard?

Suppose it depends on what your current Threshold PL is. If it’s 5.5+, then yea, Kanab seems like it should be labeled productive. If your Threshold PL isn’t that high, then yea, there’s a mistake here. If it’s truly productive (in line with your current PLs), I’d give it a go. I’m sometimes surprised at my ability to finish workouts that look too tough. Trust the process?

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Fair enough, but that would imply that my current FTP is too low? Given that my current FTP is fairly correct, a workout of 45min on and abow FTP would be very very hard?

Threshold is scaled a bit lower than the other PLs. SS and VO2 can scale higher before they feel impossible, but once you get into the Threshold 5’s and definitely the 6’s, that’s some tough work. It’s supposed to be hard. Don’t think of “productive” as not hard. “Productive” just means your progression level would go up a little bit if you complete it. Your rating after the workout of hard, very hard or all out, will dictate what happens next.

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