New Trek Helmets - Ballista & Velocis

I cant seem to track down this information anywhere but I have seen it on numerous athletes this season.

Here is an image of some type of new or maybe previous aero helmet on Mads Pederson, like I said I have not seen this equipment until 2023


Does anyone have any insight on this? It looks like a small aero TT helmet that we would have used or seen in the early 2000’s but now made for daily road usage.

Have no insight but Bontrager had a $100 sale off their top road helmet during the holiday season (which I took advantage of) which I now assume was to clear inventory for the intro of this yet to be released helmet.

That makes sense, I have seen a lot of riders using this helmet at the last couple of races (Balsamo also) and it really does look like an awesome aero helmet.

Hopefully someone has the dirty dirty on it.

Definitely reminds me of the old Bell Vortex TT lid, but without the visor…and the Vortex was a damn fast lid (dunno why Google can’t find any images of it)

I dig the new helmet…always wondered why someone had not done a similar tail design before this.

Once they release some details about it, it could be on my short list for new helmets.

I was sure I’d seen some discussion of this on bikerumor or instagram where someone had zoomed in on the model name, but it must have been in a deleted story or something.

There’s a front-on picture here : Extreme positions, road bikes, time trial wheels and big helmets at the Tour Down Under prologue - BikeRadar

Do you mean the Javalin by chance?


Your mind is right where mine is, it might check all the boxes I want in an aero helmet and I happen to be in the market for 2023 for a new aero road helmet.


Here is another shot of it

No, the Vortex…was from the mid-late 90’s.

Found a pic of me on my old Velodyne when I was looking at how different helmets fit…


Oh man, you are right that looks very similar!

They have a new MTB helmet also, or more traditional looking “road” helmet. I saw some YouTube videos yesterday where they’re wearing it.

Those are road helmets and should be banned from mountain biking.

As an MTB purist, helmets should have peaks!

Where’s the UCI when you actually need them?

It looks almost the same as the Kask Utopia

I ride with the Lazer Bullet 2.0, which may have been discontinued. I’ve found leftovers a few places. It’s similar to the Trek helmet. It also has an aero visor which magnetically clips on and off, although I never use it.

Definitely very similar from the front…I really like my Utopia.

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yes me 2!

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I noticed Amanda Spratt wearing that one in the early season Au races too.

look for Trek-Segafredo rider Ciccone hit by car… great up-close video of it. the rear vents look great!!!

Twitter "out of control’ someone is interviewing him and a car bumps him during the interview!

The helmet is all over Paris-nice and the more I see it the more I really like it. The top and rear vents look very well done

My understanding is that it is set to be released this month. Trek Rep was telling me about it a couple weeks ago.