Joyseat custom 3D printed saddle

Spotted this on - a fully custom 3D printed saddle for £390, which doesn’t seem too bad.

They send you a foam pad to get a butt imprint. Weight is 170-210g depending on the width.

More info here: Joyseat | custom 3D printed cycling saddle

Curious if anyone has tried one of these and can provide real-world feedback

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haha yeah, totally not bad, mhm yup

It’s a lot of money for a saddle for sure, but the right saddle can make a huge difference, and you’re getting a completely custom 3D saddle for basically the same price as most off the shelf 3D printed saddles at the moment:

Fizik’Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive is £399.99

Bjorn Setka is £365.00

S-Works Power Mirror is £390.00