Jonathan and the seven-mile stare

Anyone else notice that Jonathan’s brain occasionally leaves the podcast?

He looked like this for a solid 30 seconds:


You in there, boss? :wink:


I just rewatched from 46:30 to 47 minutes on today’s episode. I think his head might move. Once. Check it out.

Just imagine that look on the start line! I’d be heading back to my car, quickly.


I noticed this a while back but didn’t want to be the first one to say anything. I think it happens too long to be his camera as it never happens while he’s talking.

Is that just when he’s checking the comments on the live feed?

(or checking his hair?)

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That happens to me often… Specially when I was a kid…
My youngest daughter has the same issue. It’s like you space out hard.

As I grow older I have caught myself strating at nothing for no reason…

Jonathan’s lips also don’t seem very synced up to the audio in today’s podcast.

I know that look. Dude is totally scanning comments in real time and they’re FLYING BY. He’s macro-level absorbing a shload of poo poo talk looking for something usable.


I think it’s from spotting comments telling him to stop interrupting.

I don’t get it, he’s the MC - he literally knits the whole show together, but some people seem to think he just gets in the way 🤷.

It’s a tough job, he doesn’t get enough respect for it.


I love the show. Yes they interrupt each other. I don’t fret. They’re a bunch of people who get super-excited about all things cycling. And if Jonathan is going to stare deep into my soul through the screen, so be it.


Funniest thread for the weekend. And if I saw that stare on the start line I would be worried too “he is a killer” :rofl:


If you have never watched the live comments on youtube consider yourself lucky.

“I’ve never tried TrainerRoad but any suggestions how to get faster”

“Should I do fasting or keto to get faster”



I see a meme in @Jonathan future :slight_smile:

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lol, this is great! I promise I am present when the podcast is being recorded, despite the brain-dead looks (will explain below).

Here’s what I’m constantly running a feedback loop on:

  1. What is the main objective to communicate with this question?
  2. What is the question asker thinking as she/he listens to this?
  3. What are the other perspectives that are listening that we need to address?
  4. What is the current speaker discussing?
  5. What are they going to discuss next, and will I need to bridge them?
  6. What are the other guests thoughts and potential inputs, and how can I facilitate a natural entry into the convo?
  7. Are there any pit-falls we need to avoid here?
  8. What is the live chat saying, and can we use that to inform and guide the conversation?
  9. What previous pieces of content could help a person better understand this content?
  10. What are we missing?
  11. How can we summarize this point to help listeners know how to relate it to their friends and wow them with their incredible knowledge :wink:
  12. How can all of this make somebody faster, and what do we need to do in order to make that apparent.

Missing from that list is “How do I look?” lol

This look is likely coming from me staring at one of the hosts on the screen, and/or staring at Tucker’s screen.

The layout in the podcast room is complex. Tucker has multiple screens hooked up to a Mac Pro where I can see him managing the stream with our streaming software, constantly updating the forum post with links and info, taking notes on time stamps, and monitoring the stream on YT (he’s got his hands full!). That is about 8’ away from me and just off to my right from center. I fully trust him to knock it out of the park, so my intent is just to look at what he is doing for further cues. At times, I’ll see him taking notes on a specific part, and I’ll realize we could emphasize this point further. Or I’ll see him interacting heavily in the live chat and I’ll take note to see if there is something I should be paying attention to in order to help our audience.

He has another screen that is mounted at the very end of my table, about 6’ away from me, that sits just below the camera that has a 75mm lens in order to match the room and light conditions. On that screen is our Zoom window, where I see the other hosts. Ideally we could nest the camera in the screen, but having it just over the top is close enough. It has the effect of making me look like I am not looking into the camera or zoning out at times, but I try to look directly into the camera when speaking, and focus on the other hosts when they are speaking. Unfortunately, it has the effect of making me look checked out, hehe.

If y’all want a behind the scenes on the podcast recording/streaming setup and process, let me know. Could be fun to show you all how we manage that.


You rock. No complaints here.


How about a photo from your end so we can see it from your perspective.
Or is Tucker camera shy?


Behind the scenes. Most definitely


In terms of behind the scene, check out @nates instagram account. Once he had a video or multiple videos showing parts of the TR office. I am not a instagram pro, I hope the videos are still present. The podcast room was part of the videos and it looked not even close to what you would think.

As the original poster, I appreciate the background. Another thing you may want to add to your feedback loop, “Have I blinked lately?” :wink:

I would like to see the photo from your point of view.

As one other item, I have noticed that you really do look into the camera when talking, and it strikes me, because I know I Zoom looking all over the place. So, well done, sir!

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When Nate mentions how tall he is for the 10th time in an episode.