Jonathan. PLEASE quit interrupting Nate and Chad! It is SO annoying!

OMG! I’m at the end of my rope with this. I’ve listened to every podcast and have enjoyed them for the most part. However, one aspect has grown from a mild annoyance into an epidemic. Seriously, it’s like a saddle sore that just never goes away! I’m referring to the constant interruptions by Jonathan of the others on the podcast. It is SO jarring to the flow of information that it just destroys the flow of good information! And it’s reached the level such that I don’t really look forward to podcast anymore. The stop-start-stop-start nature of the conversation is an absolute detriment to the entire purpose of the podcast. Jonathan, I’m BEGGING you! Let others finish their thoughts BEFORE you open your mouth! Or just mute the mike for a set period of time, like one minute. Something. Anything! But PLEASE, stop and respect what others are trying to say. It’s NOT all about you. Love you, bro, but come on!


Are you just listening to the podcast or watching the YouTube version? I know some people prefer the podcast but the interruptions aren’t an issue on YouTube. Seeing the visual cues help.


I know what you mean. In particular when Chad is interrupted it really seems to break his flow and, as he tends to be giving quite detailed and complex information a lot of the time, it makes it hard to follow.


I understand the spirit of this feedback, but frankly it could be delivered with a bit more tact and with less hyperbole.

Jonathan is a standup guy and deserves a bit more benefit of the doubt.


Meh, I sort of like the casual conversational flow. I say don’t mess with the current dynamic.


Now way. The ebb and flow of the conversation on the podcast is perfect. Jonathan is an excellent host.


I’ve never felt like it created an awkward dynamic. It’s like they’re having a real conversation. Like others have said, it looks even more natural if you watch the YouTube stream.


“This is the first time Monarch has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”

I think Monarch could have made a better first impression to be brutally honest.

In this case, when Chad is doing a deep dive, then sometimes it’s easy to lose concentration slightly and miss an important detail. Jonathan and Nate keeping it as a conversation rather than a lecture makes it easier to understand and retain the information.


This is incredibly harsh. I think this thread should be taken down, simply no need for it.


Whilst I don’t disagree with your point I think you should have directed it at the person making the comment rather than posting about them. They are after all ‘in the room’ so to speak.



Feedback taken and noted.

It’s a tricky line to walk as a host. Trying to drive a conversation toward a specific goal while taking into consideration all of the written, verbal, and non-verbal cues of your hosts is dynamic, to say the least, but I need to be better.

Although I am trying my best, it doesn’t always turn out perfectly, and this week was a prime example of this. We were a bit off our game, I’d say.

I’m taking this to heart and will improve!


This is the best answer to an incredibly rudely presented request; acknowledging that noone is perfect, and that you will do what you can to improve.

Personally, I love the podcast as it is. The back-and-forth between everyone is what keeps me coming back. Keep up the great work


exactly :+1:


He is a good host and it really shows when Nate steps in to host. :joy: (just kidding - I’m not a Nate “hater”)

During the podcast, I got a chuckle when Jonathan kept trying to move on with Alex’s question. :upside_down_face:


Totally disagree with you. I think Jonathan is an excellent host - unbelievably polite and respectful of everybody else’s contribution and opinion. I think the interaction between the three of them is pretty much spot on. If you really want to hear how it shouldn’t be done try the CyclingTips podcast - you’ll be a ball of fury by the end of that.


I have never noticed it.

However I did have a client once tell me to stop doing the same thing, which I respected as constructive criticism


If this is in reference to the Killing the Flow comments from Nate?


I actually like Jonathan’s commentary :man_shrugging:

It was meant to be light heart ribbing.

You should hear us in person, we are MUCH MUCH harder on each other, lol.


Try watching the podcasts w/o Jonathan there. Then, when he’s there & interrupting it’s easier to deal with. As Melville noted, most happiness in life is down to contrast.