JOIN cycling app

Is there any way besides copy-pasting the JOIN workout name to Strava from Garmin Connect?

Like if the accounts are synced and everything thing is pulled from one app to the other then why not pull the name as well? Or are my settings wrong?

I always get something like Morning Gravel Ride instead of Join Cycling…. In the name.

Did an event yesterday which I input into Join as a custom 4hr ride with priority A and RPE 9. The completed ride was 4hr30m, 350 TSS and 0.84 IF. So I really looked forward to having a rest today (which I took). Join however thought it was a good day to prescribe me a 2 hour ride with 3x10 min power intervals at just below treshold…

Surely if someone with a CTL of about 60 performs a 350 TSS ride with lots of anaerobic efforts then the next day should not be a treshold workout? I wonder if Join is having issues analyzing the ride because it’s a custom ride (although it could take a look at my RPE for it, or simply IF…). TSB is -26 so not too far down as I was coming into the event fairly well rested, but still… Kinda annoying because I want to be able to just let Join tell me what to do, but already find myself second guessing it because of stuff like this.

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It would be interesting to hear what their Support team say about that prescription.

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Strange! I find Join very keen to give me rest days which i sometimes ignore with something easy, but not the other way round.

Ive been on the crit plan for about 5 weeks, some of my best race performances, all time power records for 10s-15s and 60s. 5 weeks is a bit short for Join to be solely responsible. The lighter training (volume about the same but less intensity) load is likely to be helping while i can see my fitness improving.


What do you have your athletic profile set to ? How many hours do you usually do per week ?

Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing - JOIN seems much more eager to give me rest days than to pile on intense work. Maybe a combination of demographics, profile settings, and current spot in the training cycle?

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Did you submit feedback and marked it as the suggested ride?

Tbh when I do extra long rides, I always get extra rest, so not sure why you don’t.

Yeah, I did. My athletic profile is set to “average (6-9 hrs)” and for the last few weeks I’ve done about 9 hours per week. Last week only was 8h30m with a TSS of 515.

I’ve contacted supported immediately after my event so eager to hear what they have to say, guessing it somehow is a bug indeed. Will update once I hear back.

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Reply of Join support, in response to me asking if they really thought the 2-hour ride with 4x10m at threshold would be appropriate for me the day after my 4.5h / 350TSS event:

This would have been correct yes, you had 2 days of rest before Saturday and an easy ride on Wednesday. You have been well rested for Saturday and not overly fatigued for Sunday.

You know your body best and if you feel you should rather rest then you should rest but also don’t underestimate yourself.

So maybe I am just playing it too safe? Idk, still took the rest day. And enjoyed it. :slight_smile:


I recently did a 500 TSS ride (CTL mid 70s), and it gave me two days off after that, but then had some sort of strength mix planned on the third day, which I ignored. The two days off were the ones where TP also said “you might need extra rest today”, but think the day the session was planned for TP also thought I could train.

I still took it off, legs felt fine, but motivation wasn’t there at all.

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Yeah I think this mirrors my situation exactly for today, 2nd day after event. Legs feel OK, motivation to go out is kinda low. Add in that I’m on antibiotics and moving between houses this week, I’m definitely taking an easier week.

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It’s always good to listen to your body but that really sounds like a Dutch training method to me. I mentioned before I used to be coached by the company run by Join’s founder. Once after my 5.5 hour A road race where I turned myself inside out I was prescribed a 3 hour endurance workout with some hard efforts. All by a human coach, not AI, but the approach seems to be very similar. The workout was surprisingly manageable and set me up pretty well for coming weeks so it probably was a good idea. Even though when I saw my schedule at first I thought the coach was trying to kill me!

Yeah I was 37 at the time, can’t imagine doing the same now. I get tired just looking at a workout graph.

I’ve had this a couple of times too. Once after an FTP test, and this weekend I did a 10 mile TT on Saturday (rated 10 for effort) night then it suggested 4.5 hours with a block of sweetspot with bursts for sunday. I think I’d screwed the scheduling up a bit anyway because I was just coming off two weeks of touring where I was doing 4-5 hours per day at very low intensity and ignoring the plan, and the travel to get back meant I was recovered, so I can see why it was trying to get some intensity back in, but the suggested session was just a bit too intense for me to fancy it and I did my own thing instead.

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I actually think I’m usually ok the day after an event. It’s the 1-2 days after that, where it gets difficult.

Join also seems to try and give you blocks of days, and avoid the day on - day off pattern.

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What is the simplest way to export JOIN workout to Hammerhead Karoo2?

Does the Hammerhead work with Trainingpeaks? Simplest way on a Garmin is to link with TP, you just export the workout to TP, and it’ll pop up on the Garmin automatically. I’d assume the Hammerhead can do the same?

Yeah seems to be the easiest way.

What @splash and @tonistali said, you only need the free TP account, when you export to TP it appears on the day that you export (so if you export a workout due for tomorrow it will appear in TP today), if you are just using TP for this, the only limitation is that you can’t drag workouts into the future

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Has anybody had success using this app for rowing as well? I usually switch my focus in the winter to be more rowing specific and wondered if I could still use the app for this purpose. Thanks!