Joe To Pro In 12 Months

Rich or poor hats off to this dude! Wow!


Wow, what an inspiring video! Sad to see he’s not smashing out TR intervals in that fancy pain cave, but otherwise this is pretty awesome! :wink:


I might say that’s possible for many people…however most of those many people don’t have the bank roll to quit working full stop and buy $30,000+ of top of the line equipment.

That said, he did bust his butt broking and was smart enough with his money so that he could do what he did.

Bottom line, he did the work (30 hours a week) to reap the benefits.


And he said he rode 27,000-28,000 miles during his 1st year of riding a bike. That’s probably more than 99.99% of what any pro rides. In his 1st year! Not saying it’s recommended mind you. Just in awe at his motivation.

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Yup. The German Olympic track team that Coach Chad mentioned on the podcast rode 29,000-35,000km the year they broke the world record.

I mean… you have to have some baseline good genetics to be able to handle the training load and improve like that. Takes a ton of work though good for him holy crap. Very, very impresive

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That’s 18,000-21,700 miles. I wonder if he meant to say Km. 27,000-28,000 miles doesn’t add up.

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Wow… just going to write up my resignation… :joy:

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That was class, great watch!

So does he do POL or SSB during winter :smiley:

I thought I had a huge jump in cycling performance, no cycling to 330 watt ftp.
But this is just next level!
I’d love to have a try at this.

Credit where credit is due.

super impressive!

Considering the mileage (kilo-age?), I’d say it’s a healthy dose of POL.

That’s only 3-5 hours a day…or about 25% of the time he spent at his previous stock broker job. By becoming a pro cyclist he was able to give his family 75% more time. Win-win. Of course my wife only counts the hours I spend on the bike, not the hours I spend with her. :roll_eyes:

Irreconcilable Differences? :man_shrugging:


LOL! No kidding.

Unrelated but, sort of related…It’s one thing to have everything controlled. But, once (and having survived the death of a child I pray nothing goes wrong) something in life goes a stray; sick kid, accident, marriage problems, etc…managing that stress can be insurmountable. Again, I wish him the best.


Maybe there were a lot of flat Zwift miles. Those add up faster.

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His Strava stats for YTD (23.5k km, 156km of ascent) seem pretty impressive. No way I could do this even with all the money in the world.


Weekly average of around 480km, with over 3000m ascent.

If you did 5 rides a week you would need to do ~100km with 636m ascent each time.

Cumulatively it is crazy but not impossible

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