JetBlack WhisperDrive Smart - ANY BODY ELSE HAVE PROBLEMS?

Hi All!

I have been using a JetBlack WhisperDrive Smart trainer, for about 10 months now.

I am having issues with erg mode just cutting our when I hit a new interval. I’ll be cruising at 130w and then the interval goes up and maybe go to 140w but never get’s any harder.

If I then switch to resistance mode theres no resistance - even at 100% resistance. I’ve used both Bluetooth and Ant+ with the same issues occurring. It happens been 30mins to end of the workout (1-1.5hrs). I’ve also updated firmware and checked many times.

It also has a really hard time calibrating! Might have something to do with it.

I’ve read some average reviews about it - see DC rainmakers interim review. But wanted to see if any body else is having trouble with the same trainer.

I’m tossing up just giving up on it and committing to a SSided power meter.

Would love to know if any body has any experience with this trainer or any thoughts on what to do other than just throw it out.

Cheers Team!


Hi Johno,
I am having exactly the same issue as you with the same trainer & setup. It is very frustrating, especially now with group workouts. I find myself spinning at 120rpm in the last set and pushing 180watts in the top gear. Like you, I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to update the firmware.
Please let me know if you find any solutions. I’ll I do love TrainerRoad but I’m going to cancel the membership if I can’t find a solution. I’m sick of doing 3/4 of a set.
Also, I’ve just read the review from DC Rainmaker that you posted. I’m worried now that we may just have a lemon of a trainer.

Has anyone reported these issues to

If so, what have they said?

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Hi all,
I’ve had some progress on this. I read on the DC Rainmaker review that it didn’t work well at low power outputs. So I have tested in different gears and have much better results with low gears. The trainer will stop working quickly in Erg mode when in a high gear. In a middle gear it will drop out around the end of a work out. In a low gear I’m not getting it dropping out very often.
I did contact TR for some advice. they suggested: Updating the Firmware, unplugging the device and testing on another app.
I hope my testing advice helps.

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Hi, my JetBlack WhisperDrive Smart Trainer was stucked on high resistance. Whatever it connect with the JetBlack app or Zwift app in any Programm, the resistance is no change. It is impossible to the spin down calibration Test in jetBlack as the resistance of the trainer is too high. Is the trainer broken? I bought it last week.

It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to TrainerRoad support to see if there is a firmware update or any troubleshooting steps that can help, but DC Rainmaker did write a pretty scathing review of the JetBlack WhisperDrive trainer… It may not be an issue TrainerRoad can assist you with, although we’ll do our best!

Sorry all - i’ve been away from the forum for a long time and only just seeing this!

Yes I have found this also @GarthT, I’ve put on a larger gear at the back (I run SS on ergo for a simple setup) and it’s better. I might go even higher on the back to make it work better.

I like the trainer beacuse it’s simple but I think DC Rainmaker is right… it’s not the best on the market.

Thanks TR Team for your support. I’ll contact the team and see what they say. I definitely won’t be recommending this trainer to any body that’s for sure!

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Yeah for sure! I bought it so I could have a power meter when I train… turns out you get what you pay for hey…


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Hi All!

Just wanted to update this thread.

I am currently using a 46/18 and it’s working really well.