JetBlack VOLT Smart Trainer In-Depth Review

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have yet to have an issue with their rollers,…but what can really go wrong with rollers…

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I have this trainer. I bought it recently on sale for under £500 and it is incredible value especially considering it comes fitted with an 11 speed cassette.

I have nothing but good things to say about it so far. The power changes are pretty much instant, and it reacts so well to changes in cadence when in Erg mode. For example, if I get out of the saddle and my cadence suddenly drops 15 rpm, the power stays consistent which is really impressive. It’s virtually silent (only noise is coming from my drivetrain). The calibration within TR is seamless too. Happy days!


I also bought one for the same reduced price, £500, but can’t recommend it unfortunately.

First two weeks were ok, other than having to use a pedal washer to make it compatible with my two Cervelo disc bikes, otherwise the frame made contact. I wasn’t aware of this issue before purchase. The supplied cassette isn’t great quality either.

Power accuracy was ok against my favero assioma duo, but a 10w discrepancy at over 200w. Not sure which is correct but I’m inclined to favour the favero.

It then developed a loud creaking sound, like a bad press fit bottom bracket. I returned it to the dealer, who have returned it to the suppliers for assessment. This is nearly a month now, so out of pocket and no trainer. Thankfully I kept my KK road machine and tbh this has nicer road feel.

I intend to get a refund as within first 30 days. Won’t risk another.

Just so you know you aren’t supposed to use TR for calibration. This also isn’t made clear, but apparently calibrating outside the app can damage it.

That’s a shame. I’ve had no issues at all with mine, works brilliantly with my dura ace group set without having to adjust any gearing tension and the power accuracy has been pretty much spot on compared to my vectors. Sounds like you might have been unlucky with a duff product mate!

Also, I checked with JetBlack and TR support when I bought the product, both of whom confirmed it was perfectly fine to calibrate within the TR app.

Good to know re: the calibration. Yep, prob just a duff one, which all brands seem to be affected by. It was certainly quiet when it worked.

My Volt has been making some noises, it seems to go away once it is warm, just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? My garage is pretty cold in the morning/night (Winter in Aus), sub 8c°.