Dare2Ride Fuego 1.0 trainer?

Hello fellow Trainerroaders!
Hade anyone used or uses the trainer Dare2ride fuego 1.0?
How is it?


My quick take from what I see…

  • Ticks all the boxes we expect: ANT+ FE-C. BLE (no FTMS listed though…). Quiet. Native thru-axle.

  • It looks almost identical to the JetBlack VOLT.

  • On paper they claim better accuracy than the VOLT (2% vs 2.5%) and a heavier flywheel. (On paper specs don’t mean a lot).

  • The zebra flywheel sticker and optical speed sensor is the same design and position as the 2014 Kickr (and a few cheaper trainers).

  • No cassette supplied.

  • “Zero calibration is needed to get you in the saddle and training quicker than ever.” - This is interesting. No spindown required? No calibration? If this is the case it’s a massive ‘hero feature’ they’re not talking about enough. It took Wahoo years to get to this point for a direct drive trainer with a belt…

  • Options for SRAM XDR freehub.

  • Price…€749.95. Seems expensive. I don’t see anything on the spec sheet that stands out above and beyond something like the Kickr CORE (€699.99) or similar trainers from Elite…

  • Deeper/other/misc observations: Calling “1.0” isn’t ideal. Their firmware update looks to be a pretty raw process binary names nrf5283* etc all should be hidden away from the user and done within a mobile app.

Conclusion: Without any hands-on tests or feedback from owners it’d be a risk putting money down for this. It’s hovering at the same price point and specs as other well known/well tested units… without being well known or well tested. :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve bought this one for ±500 dollar on a german website. It’s pretty accurate but the app is a mess.
You can keep pushing the same update over and over again. It has no cadence.
But besides that it does the job. Wouldn’t spend more than 500 on it. No updates on the facebook page in two months.
I’ve compared it with multiple pms btw, the no calibration needed seems to be true.

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Bought mine two weeks ago at a flash sale and also found a 10% discount code so I payed around 470 dollars. Worked fine last week but today it stoped working in several ways.

Note. I’ve been a a Trainerroad user for years but right now I’m running Zwift.

Fuego worked fine last week but today it stoped working. It might be “me” but i really trying to do things the right way.

Problem: In race mode and free riding there is no resistance what som ever! I can get like 25W max cause there is no resistance. Work out mode still works but not free riding and race’s.

And although the text in the product page says you have to install a cassette separately there is a cassette included int the box.

As long as it “works”, I think its a quite good trainer for its price.

Forgot about my thread here :see_no_evil::blush:

I ended up getting a Kickr Core.
Sale with discount code thru my work.

Hello again.
Today I did a Zwift 40/20 workout without any problem and after that a Zwift race and today it actually worked out quite alright . I used the Fuego as a controllable trainer and the Assioma pedals as the power meter. Don’t now if that made it work? Yesterday I used the Fuego as the Power meter. Although I would like to have a much higher base line resistance. Now I’m running 55/42 in the front and 11-28 int the back and I feel like I’m out of gears in the sprint.

I’ve recently purchased one of these, cheap option to get going in pain cave.
First impressions aren’t great.
It did connect and display cadence on first ride, can’t connect it now though.
As spinning out at inclines 10%+ I carried out a firmware update (after many attempts), no cadence and although I never managed to get to a 10% incline on the Alpe to test it I can say on the KOM it didn’t inspire confidence. I’ll be testing it again tomorrow and if not happy it’s being returned, will have to get another Kickr although I’m loathed to as Wahoo have screwed me over on a warranty issue with another unit.
Tip, don’t buy an expensive trainer from a non valid third party, a lot of them fail and if you’re not the first buyer you’re fkd!

As noted by Lama, this clearly looks like a rebrand of the JetBlack Volt (every bit of case is the same): JetBlack VOLT Smart Trainer In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

Given the seller’s official company/brand is listed as an importer business in the Netherlands (Sport Import Europe BV), that would seem to fit the bill.

I’d be curious, if someone has one, to connect up a Garmin device as ANT+, and see what the ANT+ Manufacturer ID shows as (under info, after pairing a sensor). I don’t see this brand listed in the ANT+ Directory (which doesn’t mean anything right after launch, as there’s often a few month delay), but the manuf ID would tell us who actually makes it.


Is the ANT+ manufacturer ID visible in a zwift log? Or any other program?
Otherwise I’ll pair it to my 830 and give you the info later this week :slight_smile:

Zwift doesn’t seem to log the manuf ID in the client-side logs. That said, I know it very much logs it in the server side logs, because this is how they caught two cheaters that got bans. :slight_smile:

The only other tool I know of off the top of my head is the ANT+ Simulator, but downloading that requires a login (free, but nonetheless).

Man this device is a mess, can’t connect it to my garmin headunit. It works with zwift atm and I won’t touch it. Already regret my purchase … It’s visually the same as the Jetblack Volt, it’s pure firmware based the issues that I’m having…

Any news on this one?
Maybe a firm test upcoming DCRainmaker or GPLama?

Info at Garmin Forerunner 945 (german):

ID: 36848
Techn.: ANT+
Mod.nr.: 21845
Her.nr.: 43690
Ser.nr.: 12345678
SW-V.: 17.00

So when a sensor is connected, from the sensors menu, it should show either a Manuf ID (1-3 digits long), or, in the case of a Garmin sensor, it’ll just say Garmin.

I took some pictures. Maybe it is helpful.

Maybe it is a rebrand of the Xplova Nova (not S): xplova - support If you compare the handbook, it is the same specs and looks the same.

Hi there, I am training on the Fuego 1.0 for more than 6 months now. I bought it for 749,–, got frustated with my wahoo kickr of 1150,-- that I couldnt get a stable ANT+ connection on my laptop. Also I had a constant 35-40 watt difference (lower) with my RotorINpower meter. I like the Fuego better, I have a clean connection, +/- 5 watt difference with my INpower meter, it is more stable and more quite… With the wahoo my wife complained of the noise I made during training, that is now resolved…So I am very happy with it!

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Interesting, three new accounts specifically made to post positive reviews about a product… Something fishy going on.


lol yeah. Not suspicious at all

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What’s interesting is that all three are basically either real-life or historical Dutch cyclist/triathlete figures, as names. It’s lazy promotion at best, and fake at worst.

And it’s funny, cause when I see laziness like this without being transparent, it’s often a superb indicator that the product and/or company leadership isn’t trustworthy either.

Just my two cents…