Jetblack Victory

Very interesting


Hah…as I was reading I was thinking “yeah, slap a Zwift Ride frame on that bad boy for the ultimate setup”….

Of course, @dcrainmaker was already ahead of me. :crazy_face:

Looks like a great option moving forward.

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I didn’t know about such thing as Zwift Cog.

But that’s exactly why I don’t use the sim mode - the noise (horrible) and in fact a hassle of changing gears both front and rear… and it looks that solution solved the problem entirely.
And that “zwift race mode” that is also as I read nothing new solves delay issues.

I want this badly and I want it now!
It’s not even expensive, my stupid trainer was more expensive…

Man if this one holds up and delivers on everything it will cause huge headaches for the competition.

What I don’t understand about this (much like the elite solution) is how do the virtual shifters work if you aren’t using zwift?

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They don’t as things stand. Erg or single speed.