New Zwift Hub One Trainer (Oct. 2023)

Zwift Hub One Trainer on

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I see they’ve just revamped it (edit actually a new version of it, the original Zwift Hub is still there):

Zwift launches new Hub One smart trainer with virtual shifting and single cassette sprocket for max compatibility |

Not revamped as Zwift is still offering the original as the “Classic”. The Zwift One looks like it takes your bike and moves it closer to the experience of having a smart bike, as the shifting is virtual.

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I want a Hub one attachment for my tacx

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Man, that could have been a game changer pre-COVID when people still went to bike training centers and you had to deal with 10 vs. 11 vs. 12 speed cassettes on the trainers.

That said, it is still pretty cool…especially since I could still run my 9 speed bike on it without having to dial down the trainer intensity to compensate for my ridiculously low gearing.


Zwift is also selling the cog + shifter as an upgrade kit to enable the Classic hub have the same functionality as the Hub One

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It’s not a new trainer. It’s just a new cassette/virtual shifting.


Yip thats been pointed out to me (hence I added the Edit half an hour ago

PS, Ive just listened to you review, good review, and its good to hear that they are selling the hub and shifters separately to let you upgrade the old version to match the new version :slight_smile:

Do you know if you can use just the cog + shifter upgrade kit on other trainers? E.g., could you use this with the Wahoo Kickr?


No, at least not yet. Zwift is talking about the potential for it, but that seems like it’s a ways away.


That’s too bad. Wahoo Kickr + Zwift cog + InsideRide E-Flex would be a killer combination


Now this is interesting unlike wahoo causing seasickness.

I’m still not sure how gearing works.

So it detects your front chainring and from that it gives you 24 “gears”?

What is the largest and smallest cog simulated and what gaps are there?

Chainring detection, yes.

Gear ratios in my video. Off the top of my head at 4am… 30T-44 to a 55T-10. Gaps are evenly spaced out. They had 18 initially then went to 24 to smooth things out. I have the exact gears/ratios somewhere if you’re super keen.


I just switched from a wheel on trainer to a Kickr CORE and with 11 and 12 speed bikes I’m really feeling this. Let’s hope the Zwift/Wahoo deal included the patents for this thing.

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Thanks, I had even watched the your video but it took me a while to figure it out.

Somehow I had in mind the gear simulation of the Kickr bike where you can pick your custom gears replicating your gear ratios.
Perhaps I would have preferred this method over the 24 gears or at least being able to choose between the two systems.

But still, this is really a cool kit from Zwift.


I bought my Kickr Core like 3 years ago and don’t really have any complaints, so no plans to change. But if I was buying a new trainer today, this is exactly what I would get. I only do TrainerRoad in ERG mode and basically never shift. Don’t know why I ever needed to buy a full cassette for my to keep it right in the middle all the time.


My wallet is literally sitting on my desk burning a hole for this thing, I want it to fit my Kickr because it would be on order right now especially for $60


For sure. I would think they could sell tons of these things if they worked with Kickr’s, Neo’s etc.