Javascript error on opening

Seeing this error when opening the app:


I noticed an update the last time I closed it, maybe that is related.

Maybe the update broke something, try to uninstall and reinstall the app completely.

If it doesn’t work, send an email to the awesome TR support at

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Hey, I am having the same issue! I have contacted trainerroad support regarding this. Meanwhile, I did my workout by pushing it to my head unit (edge 820). Glad that I am not the only one with this issue!

@IvyAudrain you might wanna chime in on this one pls? any ETA for this fix?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, sorry you all are seeing this! Getting in touch with support was definitely the right move.
We have engineers looking into the issue now, and we’ll follow up with those of you who reported to the support team via email once we’ve sorted it out. Thanks for holding tight! :crossed_fingers:


Any update on this - really frustrating not being able to run the software. Are you able to make an earlier version available?

I resolved my issue by:

  1. Deleting the trainerroad-related files in Users/[Name]/Appdata/Local
  2. Uninstalling Trainerroad
  3. Reinstalling
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Thanks will give that a try. Tried a reinstall but didn’t do the clear down first. Cheers.

It did work for me (deleting all TrainerRoad folders and files on AppData/Local.

Thanks a lot

This happens to me about 50% of the time after each desktop app update. I always have to uninstall/reinstall to get it working again. It’s to the point where I never update before I do a ride, otherwise there is a chance I’ll have to spend the next 15mins uninstalling/reinstalling (I’d rather spend the 15mins riding!)

What keeps causing this to happen? I’ve been intending to submit a support ticket. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

We’d definitely recommend you get in touch with the support team about this. They can look to see if there’s a setting or firmware update that can mitigate these issues, as its definitely not a normal occurrence and shouldn’t be part of your regular TrainerRoad experience. Im confident there’s a fix! Feel free to email them at

Same. Is it only me or does this happen at least once a year with trainer road? I hate reinstalling and troubleshooting computer issues in Lycra.

Finally got round to fixing it. All I needed to do was a complete uninstall then reinstall. Ta.

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