Ive hit a wall and need rest?


Im tired all the time, I sleep poorly and I cant finish my workouts. I think I need some rest to avoid overtraining,

When and how will I know that I’ve rested enough? Should I do it completely off the bike?

Try not to cycle for a week and see a doctor that knows about over training.
Sleep as long as you can 9 hours minimum and make sure you eat well.

Your health is more important then whatever fitness you might keep, lose or gain trying to keep training.

I stopped training this summer due to similar symptom. Take retrospective from my noob experience, take a rest. Pursue some quality sleep. See your mood for “I’m now ready” things.

First things to ask… When do you do your workout? I had done my workout late at night back then. I’m living a life so many thing bothers my sleep and my bowl topped up just by adding night time workout. Feel sluggish all the time, cannot concentrate anything. That make me spend whole summer~early fall only noodling around with friends. Completely stopped training. From this fall I feel much better(both mind and body) and I started early morning workout(5~6AM) and sleep around 10PM. This seems much more sustainable life routine and looks good so far. Sleep time at least 7H is crucial, I think. Whether workout is done morning or night, sleep should be your no.1 priority. Take a look at following thread.

Early Morning Workouts

Second, you should learn by looking at your own body and mind… Following the plan just as it is provided sometimes not fit to every individual. Different genetics, difference life schedule, different family composition, time availability, etc… Make adjustment to your plan based on you. even choose -1 or -2 would be appropriate sometimes. If you feel fresh after Saturday workout in low volume plan, add long(1.5~2h) endurance workout instead of sweetspot to threshold workout as is in Mid-High volume plan. Adjustment should be made by your own experience and observation. Those are also well explained in trainerroad support page.

https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/sections/200281880-Plan-Execution (this page doesn’t have preview… but you should see all of its child documents.)

Hope you get feeling well soon.