Issue with Summa Ri training session [Solved]

I completed Summa Ri training session a while ago.

As it reads in its description “Summa Ri consists of a total of 13 power ramps ranging from 133-150% FTP.”

During the course of the training session, it became evident that not all ramps are counted towards the total effort. In other words, during the ramps marked red in the picture below

the white dot between “Power” and “Target” does not appear. The first ramp is not accounted for, after the end of the fourth ramp there is a 17+ minutes time interval that extends until the end of the eighth ramp and the last ramp is not accounted for as well.

Is it a coding/programming problem of this specific training session?

Shout out at @ZackeryWeimer for the above, just for a “heads up”.

Come on people! Among that many users, am I the only one was faced the above issue? :grinning:

I’ll try another shout out, this time at @mcneese.chad.

I can’t help other than to suggest an email to The forum is OK for support but nothing beats the direct channel.

Thanks for the idea Chad. :+1: I’ll act accordingly.

Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the question?

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Hey @gwizzy can you help clarify what you mean with the “white dot between “Power” and “Target” does not appear.”?

I want to make sure I am understanding what you’re seeing :slight_smile:

Hi @Caro.Gomez-Villafane, thanks for reaching out!

To your question: on the main training screen, on the upper left corner, there is a field called “Power” and a field called “Target”. When there is an interval in play, a white dot appears between the two fields and our goal is to match “Power” with “Target”.

In the picture in my initial post, I have circled the intervals where the white dot should be appearing and it doesn’t.

In case the above is not clear enough, I’ll post a video of the problem.

Thanks again!

I see what you mean now :slight_smile: Let me look into it and get back to you!

Perfect! Thank you in advance for your time and effort!

I’ll be waiting for your answer!

Hey @gwizzy!

I did some digging and found an answer for ya :slight_smile:

The reason why this is happening has to do with how the rest level is set for the workout.

Intervals that have any section under the rest interval will not be considered for the intervals table on the Ride Analysis Page, so they won’t prompt an in-ride Interval Summary once its completed, and the white power ball won’t appear either. However, the good news is that all ramps are counted towards the total effort, they are just not appearing on the Intervals Summary.

We’ve fixed this problem for Summa Ri workout, so if you complete the fixed version in the future the missing ramps should show on the Interval Summary.

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Thank you very much! Next time I’ll do the Summa Ri workout, I’ll report back, here.

Furthermore, now that you found the problem with the Summa Ri workout, I would kindly recommend you to have a look at all similar workouts, i.e. Keeler Neddle, Keeler Needle -4, Stone, Scaraben and Nied. I am 90% sure that Keeler Needle and Keeler Needle -4 are facing the same issue with Summa Ri and since the other three follow a similar motif, they probably face the same issue as well.

Thank you!! I’ll take a look at those as well :slight_smile:

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I recently completed Nied and I am happy to report that the problem mentioned in the first post, did not appear.

Thanks to @Caro.Gomez-Villafane. :+1:

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